A Royal Command

By thestorychaser | thestorychaser | 29 Aug 2019

(WP) A Royal Command

                Magic was an art that came easily to Lenora, ever since her powers had manifested when she was a child. But having such an affinity for the magical arts came with a price that grew ever steeper.

                Snapped, broken bones, limbs wrapped in gauze, shed blood glimmering like rubies in sunlight.

                Lenora was accustomed to pain and agony; it was a small price to pay for unstoppable power, and her mistress had taught her that pain was temporary, a fleeting sensation felt more in the mind than in body, something to overcome and bend to her own will.

                She was lying on the floor of her mistress’s laboratory, hissing with pain as she popped one of her dislocated fingers back into place. Try as she might to resist them, tears stung her eyes and flooded over.

                “Breathe through the pain, Lenora,” Doctor Carver’s voice cut through the haze, and Lenora sat up slowly, the muted gray of the walls swimming in her vision.

                Dr. Carver handed Lenora a heavy crystal chalice, filled with water, and she took it gratefully, gulping down half the glass in one gulp.

                “The King and Queen have invited us to an audience,” Dr. Carver said, her glasses glinting in the weak candlelight. “It seems that you will have your first official mission on behalf of the Crown.”

                Lenora, for her part, could hardly believe her ears. She hadn’t yet seen her twenty-second autumn, and now she was going to be receiving a mission. A real mission, outside of the lab and the castle. Instead of being dizzy from pain now, it was from excitement.

                “Come along. I need to patch up your wounds as best as I can, and then we must meet with the King and Queen.”


                Lenora was presented to King Henry and Queen Isabelle, dressed in a silk dress the color of sapphires. Dr. Carver introduced her, head bowed in deference.

                “Your Highnesses, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my ward and protégé, Lenora Cambridge. You requested that I bring her, did you not?” Dr. Carver asked, raising her head just a fraction.

                Much to Lenora’s surprise, it was the Queen who spoke first.

                “Yes, Doctor Carver. Thank you so much.” The queen smiled kindly at Lenora, her gray eyes twinkling with something that looked like amusement.

                “Lenora, my lord husband and I have invited you here to ask you a question.” The queen said. She remained smiling, but it did not reach her eyes; they looked to her like dark, cold tunnels.

                “We understand that the good doctor Carver has taught you the art of magic wielding, and that you are the best student that she has had in years.”

                Lenora nodded, waiting for the ruler to continue. She could hear her heartbeat thundering in her ears, inescapable. What task was the royal family about to ask of her?

                “We would like you to journey throughout the land of our empire and teach other young people how to use the ancient, noble art of magic, to prepare for the coming war with the goblins across the seas.”

                Lenora could not believe what she was hearing. Were her King and Queen honestly asking her to go overseas and teach people how to kill?


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