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NFT Inspired Fast food Chains


Globally, fast food chains are embracing NFT by creating their own digital tokens. NFT has recently experienced an incredible uptake as crypto-artists, gamers, musicians, and now fast food businesses use the technology in various contexts. Here is a quick reading about NFT adoption in Fast Food chains.

1. Taco Bell

  • Due to the popularity of its Mexican-inspired items, Taco Bell is a well-known fast food chain in the United States
  • Taco Bell introduced a new NFT collection in a marketing campaign in March 2021, becoming the first fast-food business to provide collector tokens
  • Some customers pay upwards of 10 Ether (ETH) for a Taco Bell NFT, which has artistic depictions of the fast-food chain's menu items
  • The restaurant company tweeted that the proceeds from the sale were given to charity


2. Burger King

  • Burger King, not one to be outdone, announced its entry into the NFT industry by releasing a variety of digital collectibles as part of a marketing campaign called "Keep It Real Meals"
  • Each Burger King patron will be able to redeem one of three collectible game pieces by scanning the QR code that is included with their meal
  • A fourth token, which may be a digital collectible, a year's worth of hamburgers, or a call with one of the campaign's celebrity spokesmen, will be given to a player once they have collected all three


3. McDonald’s

  • The McDonald's China branch will distribute a set of 188 NFTs to its employees and customers as part of a giveaway celebration of the franchise's 31st anniversary despite China's ban on practically everything cryptocurrency-related
  • The NFTs were developed in collaboration with the digital asset development company Cocafe and feature three-dimensional artistic renderings of the new headquarters for McDonald's China


4. Pizza Hut

  • An NFT project named "1 Byte Favourites," which consists of digital NFT images of pizza slices, was launched by the Canadian division of Pizza Hut, a fast-food restaurant company well-known for its all-you-can-eat pizza buffet
  • The business said on March 17 that it would provide NFT photos of a pizza slice every other week
  • The recipes for each slice and NFT image would vary, and interested customers would have access to the NFTs on Rarible






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