Review of the Bitmain AntRouter R3-LTC

Review of the Bitmain AntRouter R3-LTC

By AverageVancouverite | TheMiningBlog | 16 Jan 2020

The AntRouter R3-LTC



  • Algorithm: SCRYPT (Coins Mined: Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.)
  • Hashrate: 11.5 MH/s
  • Chip: 6 x 28nm Bitmain BM1485 ASIC chips
  • Power use: Under 25 Watts


The Review:

A significant improvement upon the original AntRouter R1, the AntRouter R3 LTC is not only a Wi-Fi router and a SCRYPT miner, but also an LED clock! Featuring six 28nm Bitmain BM1485 ASIC chips, the router/clock/miner can mine at up to 11.5 MH/s, mining just under $0.90 US a month if the user does not need to pay pool or electric fees, and assuming that the mining difficulty does not change. 

The device is relatively quick and easy to set up, with instructions available in the box as well as online. Mining hashrate in my experience is usually stable at about 11 MH/s, so a bit lower than the advertised rate, and the power consumption of the device is decently low at under 25 Watts. 

The AntRouter R3 offers 300 Mbps 2.4 GHz 802.11g/n WiFi, and is originally set to a solo pool, though the settings can be easily changed to a group pool. Personally, I like this device much more than the first Antrouter R1, as it works better as a router and has a significantly improved mining hashrate. The AntRouter R3 also does not get extremely hot while operating. However, my primary criticism to this device is the noise. While Bitmain's website advertises the device to have a noise rating of about 40 dB, several users on Reddit and Bitcointalk claim that the rating is actually closer to 50 dB. For reference, my refrigerator is advertised to have a noise rating of between 40-50 dB... And to be honest, sometimes especially in the summer, the AntRouter seems to be as loud as my refrigerator... 

The device was produced in pretty limited stock, and I was only able to get one through a friend that ordered in bulk. Today, it's quite hard to get your hands on one of these AntRouters, with eBay prices exceeding $200.00 US dollars. This device is an interesting 3-in-1, and showcases Bitmain's attempt at making mining more accessible by the general public, but I would not recommend the AntRouter to anyone looking into profiting from Cryptocurrency or mining. I also wouldn't recommend this to anyone who wants to purchase a new router, as you could get a significantly better router for much cheaper. However, in my humble opinion, it's a pretty interesting novelty item.



I am not in any way affiliated with Bitmain, or any other crypto/crypto-related company. I personally have one of these miners given to me used from a friend. This miner is currently operating as a secondary router at my location of residence, and also doubles as a clock. It's running very smoothly, and continues to bring in a small but steady stream of Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Remember, investments in cryptocurrencies are like any other investment: Invest only what you can afford to lose. No investment is a guarantee. 


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