An Honest Review about PipeFlare (Updated!)

First Off, What Even is PipeFlare? is a relatively small site that hosts a handful of arcade games while also serving as a faucet for cryptocurrencies such as ZCash (ZEC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and its own currency, Flare Token (FLR). On this platform, you can claim small amounts of crypto everyday, compete in tournaments for crypto, and buy/sell NFTs. I've actually done a review on PipeFlare a long time ago, but since then, a lot has changed on the platform and I thought I should create an updated review of the platform. 


Tell Me More About the Faucet!

I know what most of you reading this are here for. You're here to check out the faucet, aren't you? I mean, who doesn't want a little bit of extra crypto every now and then? Every day on PipeFlare, you can claim ZEC, DOGE, and FLR. While the ZEC payments are automatically processed and sent every week (Regardless of amount. You can claim just once and they'll still send you your coins at the end of the week!), you must reach 1 DOGE to receive payouts. This might take a while to reach... Meanwhile, the domestic FLR cannot be withdrawn, and currently have little functionality aside from being used in the small number of games hosted by PipeFlare. In the past, PipeFlare used to have PIVX, but this was replaced with DOGE. 


You don't really get too much ZEC or DOGE at first, though linking more social media accounts increases rewards. Using Brave (I know that many Publish0X users already use Brave anyways) provides a 2X bonus on claims for the first 30 days while using their mobile app also provides a 2X bonus. Additionally, PipeFlare also has log-in bonuses, where every 6th claim day rewards you with a free spin to earn some extra ZEC (though I've only ever gotten something like 5 cents more of ZEC) and every 7th day has a 2-3.5X multiplier for faucet claims on ZEC (Does not apply to DOGE). 

Basically, if you don't have too many multipliers, you really don't get much from the faucets at all...


Currently, I have been receiving about 0.015 DOGE per claim (It'll take a while to reach the automatic 1 DOGE payout) and under 0.00003 ZEC per claim before the daily multipliers. The claim amounts change based on the price of the coins. While this doesn't seem like a lot, PipeFlare is a faucet after all, and isn't meant to make you rich. That being said, the games hosted by PipeFlare are a much better way to earn a little extra ZEC. 

PipeFlare Games, Tournament, and Rewards

As of writing this article (August 1st, 2021), PipeFlare has 7 games, and only three of which have tournaments with rewards (The others allow you to earn FLR, but FLR cannot currently be converted to other crypto or fiat, and does not have monetary value). In my personal opinion, the selection of games aren't too great, and often feel like you're playing flash games from the mid-2000s (Personal opinion. Some people like the games more than I do). 


In the weekly tournaments, any player who ranks in the top 300 receives rewards. Scoring 21-300 results in a 0.10 USD reward of ZEC, scoring 6-20 results in a 1 USD reward of ZEC, scoring 2-5 results in a 2.5 USD reward of ZEC, and receiving the top score results in a 10 USD reward of ZEC. These rewards are certainly not fantastic, but in my past experience, it really isn't hard at all to score in the top 300. 

So... I Heard About an NFT Marketplace?

In the last few months, PipeFlare launched a new NFT Marketplace. While most NFTs here are essentially booster items for rewards (For instance, possession of some NFTs double faucet payouts), user created NFTs are now also available! In other words, you may buy and sell NFTs through PipeFlare! However, you may only make purchases using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Union Pay, etc. Crypto payments are not yet available. I have not yet personally tried to purchase NFTs through PipeFlare as I haven't seen anything that really catches my eye and users are currently unable to use crypto payments...


Staking on PipeFlare

Currently, you can stake FLR for up to 10% a year. Other coins cannot be staked yet, and as mentioned before, FLR currently has no monetary value. However, by staking over 1000 FLR, you gain access to some premium airdrops, most of which are more FLR tokens. A bit disappointing to be truthfully honest... However, in the future, there are talks that there will be other coins for airdrops for free users. 


Wait... You Mentioned AirDrops?

Correct! Well... Sort of... PipeFlare has AirDrops, though most airdrops for free users are just more FLR. If you choose to support PipeFlare and choose to be a "support" from $2 a month, you have access to ZEC and DOGE drops. Being a supporter also gives you bonus multipliers on the faucet and removes ads on the platform. 

How Else Can I Earn More on PipeFlare?

Like many other faucet sites, PipeFlare has tiered referral rewards. Not only do you earn some extra ZEC or FLR when your referrals make faucet claims, but you also earn small rewards each time a referral makes it to the top 300 of a tournament game! You'll also gain faucet claim multipliers with more referrals! With the tiered part, the referral of your referral will also provide you with a bit of crypto (alongside the referral of the referral of your referral!). In other words, if you have a large network, you'll be earning some extra ZEC with little extra effort! If you want, you may use my referral code to get started: Click Here!


PipeFlare also has an interesting feature where you can actually purchase referrals starting at 0.75 USD per referral. These also count towards your faucet claim multipliers. I have actually tried this (to write this article), and it was pretty smooth! Unlike the NFTs, you can actually pay using Crypto through BitPay or you can just use your credit card. Referral rewards start immediately, so as soon as your referral makes a claim or wins something from the tournament, you're rewarded! 

My Overall Opinion on PipeFlare

Overall, I think PipeFlare is pretty neat, and is definitely a legitimately paying faucet! It's a good place to earn a little bit of ZEC or DOGE to learn a little more about crypto (Aside from just claiming from a faucet, you can learn a bit about NFTs and even airdrops!). While the games aren't the most fun and honestly are a bit underwhelming, it isn't hard to make it into the top 300 in tournaments and earn a bonus bit of ZEC. When I first started using PipeFlare, there were only 4 games, so it's good to see that the developers are making an effort to expand the library. 

Like almost every other faucet I know, PipeFlare's rewards are currently quite small, with most of it coming from ad revenue, NFT purchases, or support purchases. However, it's pretty simple to use, provides a tiered referral system, and has multipliers. With spins every 6th day claim and bonuses of 2X-3.5X every 7th claim day, it's certainly not the worst paying faucet I've used. 

FLR tokens are essentially useless right now aside from minigame purchases, but since I started collecting the tokens a couple months ago, PipeFlare has added Airdrops and Staking using FLR. Even though the FLR tokens have no value right now, I think the developers at PipeFlare do have a plan to make FLR a little more useful in the future. 

All in all, PipeFlare is not a bad place start if you want to earn a tiny bit of crypto! 

Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor. My reviews/overviews of cryptocurrencies, platforms, websites, projects, and miners are based on my own personal experience and my experience alone. Everyone has different experiences. I am not affiliated with the team, and am simply writing an article about an interesting faucet/platform I found and presently use. I am not recommending people to use, nor recommending people to stay away. This is just an article and review. The referral code is simply there so that if you support my content and want to check out, you're free to do so (Click Here!). No investment is a guarantee. Remember, whether is stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrencies, only invest what you can afford to lose!


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