Republic is Giving Away 'Notes' + FREE Equity In 2 Companies

Republic is Giving Away 'Notes' + FREE Equity In 2 Companies

By TheLowDown | TheLowDown | 21 Dec 2019

Republic caught my attention today as I browsed the web for promising crowdfunding projects, and eventually 'sharedrops/airdrops'.

The site, mission statement, and performance since inception is simply astounding.

Not only is Republic friendly with numerous crypto projects and ideas, but they've integrated a reward called the 'Note' in which they reward users/investors on Republic with 'Note' tokens.

These tokens come with numerous benefits, of which are growing in number each and every day. Simply stated : "In just three years, over 250,000 people funded a wealth of growing cutting-edge startups on Republic. The Note is our way of giving back to our investors" (

"The Note is a blockchain-powered digital reward token easily earned and held on Republic. As you help entrepreneurs build the future on Republic, the Note rewards you for supporting their growth" (

Did I Mention They Host Two Companies That Are Literally Giving Away Free Equity? Right Now!

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I am personally at 'Blue' level, with 5 'Notes' earned. This gives me access to:

"Blue level perk:

Event Access
Access reserved tickets to events and conferences. Join major names in startups, investing, finance, and crypto across the country"

Republic is focused on a number of niches/industries, and their portfolio speaks to that reality. "Republic’s portfolio consists of 120+ companies from a range of sectors, including biotech, drones, AI, AR/VR, cannabis, crypto, foodtech, renewable energy, etc" (

Are you interested in learning more about Republic and the project that they've developed? 

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I am compensated 10 Notes per referred user, as can be seen on the official republic webpage : "You’ll earn 10 Notes for each signup you refer"


As I move forward with earning 'Notes' on Republic, I'm looking forward to the numerous tasks that enable me to earn my way to the highest level (1000 'Notes'). As higher levels are achieved through completing/achieving the tasks that Republic provides a user, you start to reap rewards for your efforts. For example, as a user with 'black level' you gain access to:


"Information rights
Keep tabs on the startups in your portfolio after they close.
Access exclusive details on the startups in your portfolio after their rounds close. Get access to once-private information and learn more about the startups as they keep growing.
Availalble for Black level 
Swag packs
Show the world you're a startup investor. Take Republic wherever you go.
Enjoy complimentary, limited-run, Republic-branded apparel and accessories. Let the world know you're a seasoned startup investor with these premium goods.
Availalble for Black level
Advisory board
Sneak into quarterly brainstorm session with Republic team.
Join the exclusive Republic Advisory Board, a quarterly brainstorm session with the Republic team on new product ideas. Share your vision and you could see your idea turned into reality.
Available for Black level"


Although 'black level' is the highest level, the lesser levels between blue and black also carry significant perks. For example, as a 'green level' you get access to:


"Get a bonus towards your next investment on Republic.
Enjoy $20 towards your next investment of $250 or more. It's just our way of saying thank you for your continued contribution to Republic.
  Available for Green level  
Event access
Access reserved tickets to exclusive startup events.
Get access to reserved tickets to Republic and Republic partner events and conferences. Join major names in startups, investing, finance, and crypto across the country for informative and engaging live events" (


As you can see, the project, and benefits provided to users are significant. For the aforementioned perks/benefits, I'm going to be diving into over the next week to take advantage of everything they have to offer me both individually, and business-wise.

 Join Republic Via My Link >>> <<<


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