State of the Art Machine-Learning Models On Blockchain

State of the Art Machine-Learning Models On Blockchain

By TheKoolzo555 | TheKoolzo555 | 16 Apr 2021

Currently there is quite a challenge in executing machine learning on conventional blockchains, due to the fact that the virtual machine is very inefficient when running nontrivial machine learning models. Cortex is an open-source proof-of-work blockchain with the goal to onboard and power artificial intelligence projects through integrated DApps and their technological milestone, Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM).

The $CTXC token is used as fees for smart contract executions and transactions and provides the interface for users to write machine learning programs on the blockchain. Cortex has also proposed an incentive mechanism that permits anyone to submit and optimize models in Cortex, and the contributors to the models can be rewarded as well.

In addition to pioneering the path for AI integration with the power of blockchain, in November 2020, Cortex deployed the CRC4 smart contract used for NFTs on CTXC. Implementation for CRC4 smart contracts has recently been added to the Cortex wallet, and a marketplace for CRC4 tokens is actively being worked on.


The total supply of $CTXC  =  299792458

50% of the total supply is reserved for mining rewards

Mining rewards halve every 4 years, similar to bitcoin.



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