The Radar Fund Share Price performance

Crypto sector companies are performing better than Bitcoin and Ether

May 9, 2020 and the company tokens are rockin and rollin beating out BTC and ETH today with a vengeance.

The Radar Fund has 93 companies/platforms represented within its holdings in addition to BTC, ETH and LTC. Today is the day where there is buying across the sector, as the prior days’ concentration in BTC has for the moment dissipated. A full 68% of the 93 tokens have risen in price today faster than BTC and ETH. Over the past seven days, the cumulative price change of the 93 tokens reveals that 49% are higher than the rate of growth for BTC and ETH. The 49% is a record high. What might this mean? I see the continued maturation of the potential success in the business prospects of many of the companies/platforms. Industry adoption of blockchain solutions is accelerating, and with that comes greater interest in the applications being developed across the crypto sector.

Right now, Crypterium (“CRPT”) is crushing the ball. CRPT has beat the price increase of BTC and ETH in each of the past seven days. Its trading volume over the past three days is for each day a multiple of its historic average. Buyers are present and at volumes higher than the norm for CRPT at $600,000 to $1.6 million per day. These are modest trading volumes compared to the overall sector, but that is because CRPT does not trade on the largest exchanges. This company is a banking solution with a Debit card that works within the Crypto and Fiat currency world. The partnership it has with VISA and Union Bank makes it a leader in the banking card crypto world.

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Thomas J Connolly
Thomas J Connolly

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This Blog reflects research on Crypto Assets, Stocks, and U.S. Economic activity. It covers Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin, along with 93 token assets representing the business activities of companies within the Blockchain community. Education for those new to Cryptocurrencies, new to investing, new to Bitcoin, and new to the concepts and purpose of Blockchains, are the goals of this Blog. I hope you enjoy your experience here.

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