I'm in a Relationship with Myself! What to do?

By airdrop.collector | The Good Quote | 14 Aug 2020

❗️ Hell-o, humans ❗️


I have a serious problem in my life and I'm too tired to keep it in silence, so, I decided to write this article and bag you for help 🙏

😱 This is really a nicely made sentence 😎

I'm proud of what I become, but, I can't feel good till I don't know am I insane or something 😌

Please... Help me 🙏


I'll tell you one, not that long story about me and myself because I am so lean and I can't work something for a while ♿

However... 🤦

It seems like I'm in love with myself 💅

I notice that I definitely like me and nobody else is matters 😳 I date myself every day 🍻🍔🍟 Satisfy me when I need it 🤭 and, I'm too busy thinking about myself 😵 I even write about me ✍ as you can see 😶 I protect me and defend me when someone attacks me with hate 👊💪

I'm definitely 💯 in love with me, but 🧐 I want to know do I need to do something about it❓🤔

Sometimes there are bad moments 😡 of course 💔 Sometimes I jell on me 🤬 broke up with me 😤 and leave me alone 🥺 Sometimes I cheat on me 💞 and I lie to me a lot 😟 But later 😔 I said that I'm sorry and forgive myself 🤗

In the end 👀 I still love me❗️


Now, tell me 🙏 do I need to marry me 🎺 or something❓

Write your advice in a comment❗️

... and ☑ support @thegoodquote 🆗❓

#thanx 💋

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