My Crypto Journey So Far...

By Harshvardhan | theCryptoHub | 31 Jul 2020

I got into crypto world as a teenager who wanted to make some money out of the Bitcoin hype. And ended up as a bankrupt. Let me tell you how.

I was 15 when I bought bitcoin. Without knowledge of anything like what is bitcoin, what is blockchain and how it works. I didn't know about trading and back then. So I was surfing internet "how to make money with bitcoin?". And one day someone messaged me, "Do you wanna double your Bitcoins by mining with me?". I said yes, without thinking much. Then he said I need your wallet address and I gave him. Then he told me to send him amount of BTC I wanna "invest". And I sent him all the $$$ I had. That's it!! He never replied.

I left all those things behind and stopped paying attention on what has happened.

I spend almost 3-4 years on learning how all these things work. 

After 5 years....

Due to COVID-19 lockdown in my country, I had nothing much to do. So, I ended up CPU/GPU mining with my PC. I mined $2 XMR in 4 days. It was so slow and demanding process. So I needed something that pays more crypto.

Then I landed on LBRY. It is the platform where I learned that every crypto project have purpose. And I started posting some content on Linux and stuff on LBRY. Which earned me more than 10k LBC in around 2-3 months with more than 1000 followers! I used those LBC to trade for BTC and USDT on Bittrex. Along with this I am using Brave Browser for some extra crypto earnings. And I managed to earn around $20 worth of BATs in a month.

A month ago, I came to know about app.  It changed my mind about crypto. From there I came to know about staking. I got $50 for joining with my friend's referral link. I staked 50 MCO and unlocked it, and I got a metal VISA card!! Free!! They have their exchange called Exchange. And honestly, I fell in love with their exchange. Because of their offerings!! 2% deposit bonus on each deposit to the exchange. 90 days of fee free trading. Interest earning on any crypto just for holding them on exchange, no need to lock them, you can trade them. And weekly syndicate events with 50% off on coins they offer!!!

So, from getting robbed virtually to starting from $0, it was really great learning experience. And I earned more than I lost!!

Right now I'm building my own static website, learning TA and trading.

I hope you liked my blog. Let me know in the comments. 

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Hey there, I'm Harshvardhan. I am a crypto and blockchain enthusiast and I believe that Blockchain is the future and cryptocurrencies are solution to current financial system. I'm a student by profession, sports analyst, trading crypto daily.


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