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Always something exciting in Crypto Land and small News Update on Mithril

By It's Lexy | It's Lexy | 1 Dec 2021

One very sad thing happened last night...

The KING(RYL) Coin got rugged by some of the Devs there.6dff4d320d70b7c82a78c6324832a56424917167d264fb279350c95d1b305279.png

Why does this matter to any of us? RYL and Mithril had some overlapping communities and similar Goals, so its very sad to see that this happened to the RYL community. Many refugees (there is a writing Contest about the events) from RYL joined the Mithril campaign of striving for a great Product.

Mithril Devs work hard on their vision. It's not official yet, but the Devs plan to give a RYL reference in the Mithrilverse i.e. The Ruins of Ryl (or something similar in wording) as a Landmark eventually.

That's the moment to say a heartwarming welcome with open (Mithril) hands to all new Fellowship Members and RYL people!8a266d28e43cdba0579660a61f3da3ccd84ee0ea336a1e4c53d3197553fa940a.jpg


Something else taking Shape, a small preview for the Mithril Map. Let me know in the comments below or Like this Post if you think thats kinda cool ;) 226322be304158a65e6a4e091193f5fb718290a69354703abef0bc37393c040f.png

Are you new to Mithril? Check out my other Post about the Project here.

If YOU want to get into Mithrilverse why not check out the official Links:


Official Website

Reddit Mithrilverse

Telegram Channel





I will cover more about the project when it unfolds and keep you updated. 

Thanks for reading,




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