How to get started with xrypto

How to get started with crypto currency?

By Khalid Bokahtem | thecryptoguy | 19 Nov 2021

If you want to get in the hype pf those cryptocurrency, it would be now the best time to do it, because many companies like Burger King etc. started giving away crypto currency and nft´s.

The first step for the entrance the cryphto market is, to own some types of crypto currency. Either you buy it from your money for example from coinbase or you earn it for free on publis0x.

My advise to it would be, to buy first stable coins like ethereum, bitcoin, solana etc.

After that, if you gained experience and ready to sacrifice some money, put it into shitcoins.

How to find these shitcoins, I´ll explain in the next blog.


Warning: I´m not a financial advisor and every blog that I made are for educational purposes. Try this on your own risk.

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Hello y´all, in this blog I´m going to show you, how to get started with crypto, what the meta verse is and what nft´s are I would appreciate it, if you are going to help me by following me and liking the post Thanks

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