Wink added a new inhouse game: HiLo

Wink added a new inhouse game: HiLo

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 16 Mar 2021

Well it was a time ago, since Wink did add an own in-house game. The last addition until this week was Mine, which was launched with a festival. Yesterday they did add Hi-Lo. 

Hi-Lo is one of the easiest games available. The idea is simple a card is shown and you have to decide if the next card is higher or lower. Wink has decided to add multi currency to the game. You can play the game in the dice section with Trx (min ante 10), BTT (min ante is 500) and WIN (min ante is also 500).

It is always nice to see a gambling dapp adding own games. This is where the profit can be made for these dapps!

What is Hi-Lo?

Well the fundaments of the game are already explained above, but there is a nice catch. You can cash out whenever you want.

You do need to know that the A is the lowest card and the King is the highest card. When a King or Ace is shown you do have the option, higher (in case of an Ace) of the same. So there is no the same option when you are at the upper or lower range of the deck (they aren't stupid);
First you do have select your starting bet:


Now you do have 3 options:

- skip this card

- higher or the same

- lower or the same

You are allowed to skip up to 20 cards, without a catch. But because this a relative good starting card I decided to go for the lower or the same option. The odds for this are: 1.0508.



After making your selection the next card is revealed. If you did guess right, the starting ante is multiplied with the odds of the selection. If you were wrong it is game over and you initial bet is lost.

Yeah, I was right and the card shown also has some potential, so I decided to go for another below or the same. But this time you are not playing with your starting bet but with the pay-out of the previous bet. So my ante for this bet is 10.5079


Yeah another correct guess. You can see that my ante has now increase to 12.046 TRX. The 4 also is worth taking a risk, so I did click the Higher or the same.


So after 3 bets my original 10 TRX has been turned into 15.19. So I decided to cash out!

I did try it out and to be honest I do like the game. With enough of luck you could turn 10 TRX into 300000 TRX (which is the max pay-out).


Well like always there is no real strategy.
Make sure to use the skip card options if you don't want to take the gamble, for sure if the first card doesn't suit you.

You could go for the rag to riches or be happy with small profits. Maybe cashing out between 1.5 and 1.75 could be a smart idea. The game is placed with and endless deck. So each card drawn could be one of the 52 cards in a deck. This way you can't count cards and increase your edge by doing this.
Also do remember that back-to-back Aces or Kings do occur! So don't be fooled by that.

The game is only available on the new wink interface and is placed within the Dice section, meaning that for each bet depending on the starting bet you will earn some native Dice Tokens! The more Dice tokens you have the bigger your share of the divs!

TRX Divs

But there are also some troubles at Wink. Due to new smart contract policies in the TRON network, it is getting pretty expensive for Wink to pay-out the Divs. Even to such a level that the contract owner frequently runs out of energy, which is a problem for the players who don’t have a lot of TRX frozen.
Normally when you do run out of Energy, Wink does pay the energy for the bets. But if the contract owner runs out of energy themselves, TRX from the player is burned to convert into energy, this could go up to 2 TRX per bet.

Due to this Wink has decided that they will only pay TRX divs when the minimum rakedrop pool is above 300K TRX. So for the moment this does only affect the Rake token holders.

Have fun,

The Cryptogamber


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