My top 4 Gambling dapps of March 2021!

My top 4 Gambling dapps of March 2021!

Well March wasn't so bad at the gambling tables. Let's hop that April will be the same, but we will only know how it was when we are at the first of May!

Before I will go over the gambling dapps which I did use the most, something else first!

Is the steep increase in value of the cryptocurrency a danger for the gambling dapps?

Due to the fact that I mostly gamble with Tron, let's take tron as example!

Since the beginning of the year, the value of Tron almost did quadruple. At the start of 2021 Tron could be bought for $0.02684, now at the time of writing this is $0.091904. This could become a real problem for some of the gambling dapps like Wink and Moolah. Both still have a minimal bet of 10 Tron. For the big roller this isn't an issue, but for the small players there is a difference between gambling with $0.02 or almost $0.1.

Besides this, people will hesitate to buy more Tron to gamble. Physiologically people like to have a decent bankroll, but the price you do have to pay for let's say 10K Tron is almost in a complete different ball park than at the beginning of the year.
And then Tron has the advantage of cheap deposit and withdrawal costs. For other cyrptos like ETH for instance, the gas fees are killing the players. After a deposit you are already in the red and you do need to win a fair amount ETH before you can withdraw with a profit!

I do think that in this case the gambling dapps with a deposit option doe have an advantage on one side (they don't have to pay an massive amount in gas fees to keep their platform running) but on the other side a big disadvantage with the deposit and withdrawal costs.

I do wonder if for instance Wink will decrease their minimal bet when TRX raises above $0.1!

This also did force me to change my strategy a bit. Normally I am using my gambling winnings to decrease my overall crypto investment but turning it into hard cash and another part is invested into crypto again. From this month I will try to build up a War Chest. So a besides fiat, filling the war chest also will become a priority, I do want to put 5K TRX into it. There are 2 ways to do this, by freezing TRX on the Tron Network but that takes a few days to unfreeze or to put it into my Pool-X account on Kucoin. Where I also do get some interest and where it is freely available to use at the moment I want.

But hey this is just my personal idea, just like my Top 4 of gambling dapps! Normally I would write Tron gambling dapps, but some in the list now can be played with so many different cryptos that this would not be a correct title!


1. Wink


Still at number one in my case. For one or the other reason I do keep coming back to Wink. In the last month they did add a new game in the Dice section (Hi-Lo) which did attract a lot of new players. Beside that I did find out how I can play on the mobile phone, which does kill some time when I am waiting on the kids.

Also the Wink native token Win, did have a nice increase this month. The value of my holding did go up with 22%. Always nice to see this.
Also not a bad month if I do look at the divs they did pay out. It was a little bit less than last month but the value of TRX did increase a lot which made worth the effort.

I am also still running my sports betting Rags to the Riches on Wink. But I am currently fighting to survive. If my next bet is a loss, I will have to refund and start all over again!

2. Betfury


It is almost impossible to write a top x gambling dapps without mentioning Betfury. And a lot did happen at Betfury in the past month.

They did have their token merge combined with a nice festival with a prize pool of over $100K. And yesterday they did announce that they are going to add 5 alt coins per week. In total they are planning to add around 50 new coins!

This week they did add: LINK, BAT, ENJ, CHZ and ZRX. It is great that they are trying to allow the players to gamble with a shit load of different coins!

I am playing at Betfury with 2 different account. With my main account I am trying to increase my ETH holding, with the other account I am free rolling. Claiming their faucet and try to build a bankroll with that. I will give myself a year to see what the end result will be!


3. Moolah!


I haven't discussed Moolah before! But I am just auto rolling their with 50TRX per day to earn some native tokens. They do have a nice interface, a great jackpot system and above all a nice way to divide the native tokens.

Let's first have a look their jackpot system. A jackpot round is 6 hours. All wagers are accumulated. When the wagering in the jackpot round was below the previous record height, the jackpot is payout to the top 10 of players who did wager the most. Due to my minimal betting there I will never be part of the jackpot, but this does keeps on players playing which is good for the divs!

The mining setup is also different compared to other dapps. On most dapps you do know how much stake it does cost to mine one native tokens. At Moolah there is a daily mining pool and this is divided to the player who did wager that day. How much tokens you will get is of course based on the player's share of the total amount wagered.
And to give you a hint, this Wager Rate is relativly low compared with a month ago. On average it is around 15 TRX for one CNR.


4. 888Starz


I am currently not playing here due to the fact that I need to use a VPN. But I am an investor here!

If you are in a country where a VPN is not needed, it is really worth to try it out! I also like the div pool. During a month the Div pools fills up and is paid out the next month on a daily basis. The 888 token can be purchased on the market or can be of course earned by gambling. By the looks of it, the div pool for next month will be above $200K. Which will be almost the double of this month. This month I am earning $0.16 per day, which slowly fill the bags!

With is also different is that they do pay out in USD and not in Tron. Just like with Betfury a lot of different coins can be used to gamble!
And for the Slot game players, they are a real paradise. I do think that they offer the slots of almost every thinkable slot provider!

They also have some despotif offers running, which is always nice to see!



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