My new preferred Cyrpto Broker

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 28 Apr 2022

When investing into crypto, trying to fight inflation in the real world in the mean time every dime counts. So after some problems with trx transfer with the old "preferred" broker, it was time to find a new one.

The bottom line of this post, isn't so much to advertise the preferred broker I am using, but to make you aware that it could be worthwhile to investigate if there are other brokers or exchanges which does suit your needs better or are in the end much cheaper.

We humans are creatures of nature and due to this our nature is that we do like to stick to how it is and if it isn't broken don't fix it or make it better.
We do like evolution on the other hand but not a revolution. And in most cases this just does happen to us. To wake up and do a 30 minute investigation if things can be better or cheaper!

# The new preferred broker
Well I did choose [Bitvavo]( This appears a trusted broker in Europe since 2018 and does support 27 countries in Europe.
And this one is a lot cheaper than the old one I was using.

As example:
Suppose I did want to sell 1000 TRX.


This would have netted me €59.26.


As you can see, Bitvavo does give me €60.37. Which is 1€ more. Okay this Euro on itself doesn't mean a lot. But I did sell over 80K TRX this year and suddenly it does have an impact Combine this with a lower administration cost and we do have a winner, in my case.

Not only that but they also do offer staking and a broader range of crypto's to deal in. It looks more like the combination of a crypto broker and a crypto exchange.

Se feel free to have a look at them, maybe it is an improvement for you, maybe it isn't!


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