Mining BTC on Betfury 2.0!

Mining BTC on Betfury 2.0!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 23 Jun 2020

Betfury 2.0 is now alive and kicking for over a week now, so time for an update to let you know if you can actually mine some BTC there!

Betfury is orginally a TRON (TRX) gambling dapp but with the upgrade one can now bet with TRX, BTT, USDT and BTC. Depending on the betting size you do earn their native token, regardless if you win or loose the bet!

There are 2 different dividend pools. One if filled one player do gamble with TRX, BTT or USDT, the other (Bitcoin pool) when people do gamble with Bitcoin. So you do mine 2 different kind of tokens, which makes it a little bit complex.

Cause an image says sometimes more than a 1000 words:


For once I am not so interested into the TRX pool, but in the BTC pool. The good news is that it keeps on growing since the launch, so more and more BTC are shared with the BFG(BTC) holders.



How am I doing?

With my BTC deposit I did start earning some BGF(BTC) tokens. Did withdraw most of my investment back to my BTC wallet, leaving a small amount of BTC behind. The idea is to gamble so BTC on a daily basis trying to increase to keep a status qua of my stake in the BTC pool. Maybe even trying to increase it.

For the moment I do have around 17.5 K BFG(BTC) tokens, which does earn me at the moment a little bit more than 0.0002 on a daily basis.


Due to the fact that you can also gamble with BFG(BTC) tokens, I will try to increase this stake with 500 per day. Both by gambling with BTC and BGF(BTC). It would be great if I can increase this up to 100K BFG(BTC) tokens. A man is allowed to dream, isn't he?

What did I earn so far?


As you can see the running total BTC earned stands on: 0.00110315 BTC. 
The goal stands at earning in total 0.1 BTC. At the current share this would take 476 days :) But hey I am a patient guy.

If you are betting on another gambling dapp and what to try this out, feel free to make use of my referral link by clicking on the link below:


Have a nice day!




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