Is there an ultimate Crypto dice strategy?

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 16 Jul 2020

Well I did want to use a more click-bate title, like the ultimate dice strategy. But the question remains if there is one. If there was one the game wouldn't be offered anymore by the gambling dapps. Yes, they do want that you win occasionally but not to often. And just like the sports bookies they do want more loosing players then winning players!

If we are honest, making a profit on dice isn't hard. Keeping the profit is the hard part! If you are a frequent dice player, you probably know the situation in which you do have more winning days then loosing days. But those red loosing days are way bigger then the winning days! And that is where the problem is!


Dice is an excellent game to use the famous Martingale strategy. If you don't know this one, in short. Each bet does have at least odds above 2. You do start with a base bet and after each lost roll, the ante is doubled up! If you win a bet you do go back to your base bet.

The problem with this strategy is that when you run into variance (luck is against you), you do run into or the table limits or your own bankroll limits. While you do think that it is impossible to have more then 10 over or unders in a row. These things do happen! And when this happens the bankroll will be crushed.
The human mind keeps on thinking that the next bet will be the winning one. We do think that after 9 unders, the over is guaranteed. But the 10th bet is the same as the first one in the sequence and only has for instance 45% to be a winning bet!

Take for instance a roulette table, where you can bet on red or black, but with the twitch the 0 is green. So you do have around 48% change that red or black will be hit. But the record of reds back to back stands on 39! What a nightmare for a Martingale gamblers started with their bet on black!

Another problem is that the ante increases rapidly. If your base bet is for instance $10, after 6 loosing bets you will have lost $630. So 63 winning bets of $10 are required to win back that money!
Last but not least Martingale is great betting system to guarantee a wipe out of your bankroll. And if there is anything a gambler does want to prevent is to have o money left to win back the losses!

Create your own strategy!

If you do look around on the web you will find lots of different gambling strategies. But most of them are martingale related. So it is better to set up an own strategy.

Before you do this, you will have to ask yourself what your goal is. Most gambling dapps do offer own tokens when placing a bet, the so called mining. So are you here to make a profit with gambling or do want to mine? Probably both!

If you are interested in mining, the under 95 or over 4 is probably the best way to go. Based on statistics you can calculate your expected loss.

But if you do want to make a profit, it is a complete different story. And things do get more complicated!

So you will have to set some base rules!

Golden rules!

There are some things that you will have to keep in mind when setting up a strategy!

  • Maybe the most important things is that the strategy should minimize the bankroll from vaporizing! When this happens your chance to win back your potential losses are wiped out!
  • Comfortable! Well this is underestimated. Yes you do want some thrill when placing a bet, but the betting size still should be a size which still gives you a comfortable feeling!
  • Understand variance! Like written above Variance does happen and more than one! Ask around and everybody ran into it! This doesn't mean that the game is rigged! It is just the numbers at work!
  • Choose is a site which can be trusted! There are lot of gambling dapps around! Some are great and trustful as they can be. Others are questionable! DYOR!
  • Know the table limits! This one is crucial! No matter how big your bankroll is, a table limit can also crush you!
  • Know your bankroll! The best way is to have a separate wallet with a gambling bankroll!
  • Know yourself! How well can you cope with a tilt! If this is not so good, you better can pick a gambling dapp where you do have to deposit. If you don't do this, than you can get really into trouble! There is a big chance that when you need to reload your bankroll in the dapp, the tilt mode has decreased already!
  • Choose a strategy which makes you enough profit to cope with the bad days!
  • Play shorter sessions. The longer you play, the more chance you have to ran into variance!
  • Set a stop loss! For instance do stop playing when you have lost X amount of currency!
  • On the opposite side, set yourself a goal and quit the session when you have reached it!
  • Don't play drunk, don't play drunk! Did I already mention that you shouldn't play when you are drunk!

My strategy!

I have been playing crypto dice for over a year! So I do have massive wins and terrible wipe outs! So, I came up with a strategy which does win me money if I can control myself! Discipline is one of the key factors!

I use to play what I do call a delayed Martingale. I do start with over 4 or under 95 and when 3 dice in a row where over 50 or under 50, I did jump in with the opposite, martingaling until I did win a roll! There are 2 problems with this strategy! On one side, I am loosing money which could have been won, if I just did bet the under 45 or over 55. On the other side, you do start in the middle of a potential variance streak, so you will hit your or the table limits to often!

So I did go back to the drawing board and came up with the following strategy!

As a start you will have to set up your bankroll. Lets assume the BR is 5000 Tron or 0.02 BTC. Based on the bankroll I do set my base bet. In the Tron case, this is 40 or 50 TRX in the BTC case, this is 0.00005 BTC.

I do start with an under 45 or over 55 starting with my base bet. If I win, I do switch sides or wait until I do get a back to back winning bet. When I do loose I do double up the bet. Classic martingale for the moment. But after 6 loosing bets in a row, I do go back to the base bet. I do know that 6 loosing rolls in a row, do give my BR a dent, but it wont wipe it out! Also I do know that the losses are recoverable! Maybe not in a day but in a few session!
When I do hit my goal for the session I do log out! And come back the next day or a few hours later!

I am happy with a profit of 500 TRX or 0.0006 BTC. 12 times my base bet! While this doesn't look a lot, it is a marathon and not a sprint!

Where do I play at the moment?

For the moment I am focusing on 3 gambling dapps!

Feel free to use my referral link if you do want to try them out!

On Betfury I do play with their native TRX token. At the moment I do have 42K BFG TRX tokens. Started with around 20K after mining. Now I do want to increase this to 100K.

On Goosebet I do play with BTC or TRX. A rather new gambling dapp but with lots of potential! They do pay out dividends in BTC, ETH and TRX.

On Crypcade I do play with TRX. The goal here is to reach 50K of their native tokens! Almost thereΒ 





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