Crypcade a new TRX casino! Mining is cheap there at the moment!

Crypcade a new TRX casino! Mining is cheap there at the moment!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 23 May 2020

The question is always: do we mine to gamble or gamble to mine?

But the answer is mostly that we came to late to the party. This does result in a situation that mining can be very expensive and that it is hard to build a decent mining stake so that it is rewarding. Also almost impossible to make a profit.

That is why it is important to step onto the mining wagon as soon as possible. This also includes the risk that they is no indication how thrustworthy a new TRX casino is. So this has to be done cautious!

Crypcade! is a new Trx (Tron) Casino, which has to plan to combine cryptocurrency gambling with arcade gaming. They do want to set up a platform so that for instance Fifa 20, Fortnite or other games can be played via their platform in such a way that the players can earn cryptocurrency!

They are fairly new, so new that the Dice game they do offer is only live for a few days. When they did start up they only did offer slot games. These slot games are from Platipus, which does offer their slot to lots of online casinos. So these slots should/could be considered fair!

I do play the dice game and didn't find any red flags. It looks genuine and fair.

The layout is something which maybe is debatable?


Crypcade Dice game

They do have the under and over and the odds are market conform!

The other in house games they are creating at the moment are: Wheel, Cade Cascade and CADEopoly.


But mining that is why I am interest into it at the moment. For the moment you only need to wager 10TRX to earn 1 Cade in the dice game and only 8 TRX to earn 1 Cade at the slots. If we do compare this with for instance Wink it is a bargain. At wink it is almost risking 500 TRX to earn 1 DICE.

At the moment only 3617790 Cade are frozen. So it is still possible to collect a decent share of the dividends.

This are my divs so far:


The dividend pool is filled by each gamble but not the complete div pools is distributed. Only 15% per day will be released, 75% will roll over to the next day. 5% is used for the daily tasks which are still in development and 5% is shared among the team!

Curious is they can fulfill the complete roadmap, which also includes a Cashback. Depending on the level a certain amount of TRX wagered will be returned to your wallet! Regardless if you won or lost.


Some people do hate it when they have to deposit to play. But I do consider this great. This makes sure that you don't get into bandwidth and energy problems and one cannot loose more than willing without having to deposit more TRX.

So, feel free to give it a try. My experience is a positive one at the moment and on top of that I am in the green!

You can use my referral link if you like:


Have fun but be careful!







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