BTC dividends have arrived on the TRON blockchain! Betfury 2.0!

BTC dividends have arrived on the TRON blockchain! Betfury 2.0!

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 12 Jun 2020

I was planning to write an update about my 100K challenge. But yesterday Betfury 2.0 was launched. The question is if Betfury 2.0 will make Betfury the best gambling dapp on the Tron blockchain! And you don't wont to read the complete post to find out the answer! Here it is:

In my opinion: Yes it is!

Why? You ask!

First of all the UI update is a blast. Not only does it run smoothly on my Windows 10 laptop but it also runs great on my iPhone! And this is important. This turns it into a gambling dapp which can be played every where! And maybe you won't, but lots of gamblers will!

Betfury Dice

Not only Dice plays also great on my iPhone but also the slots. At least my favorite slot Webby Heroes!

While this feature is incredibly important, this isn't the best thing about it!

Multi currency!

Like I wrote in the title, BTC dividends have arrived on the TROn blockchain. But there is more!


You can deposit TRON, BitTorrent, Tether and even Bitcoin! This does open the door to a lot more users!

So you can play with all 4 cryptocurrencies! How great is that! But this also does come with an extra catch! When gambling with Tron, one does earn BFG (TRX), when gambling with BTC one does earn BFG (BTC). Both of them do have a seperate dividend pool.

90% of the BTC dividend pool is for the BFG (BTC) holders and 10% goes to the BGF (TRX) holders. Did I already mention, that the BGF doesn't have to be frozen again?


As you can see I will get 0,00000011 BTC with the already earned BFG TRX tokens. An I will get an extra 0.00000002 from the small amount of BFG (BTC) token I do have.

I will deposit 0.01 BTC later today, to try to increase this. Checking if I can earn more BTC Divs with mining, then I do get interest on saving them on Binance (0.00000092 BTC for a saving of 0.05 BTC).

I do think that this is possible.
But also both the TRX and BTC dividend pool will earn you some Tether and BTT. It all adds up!

I really think that the future is bright for betfury!
I also have to admit that I am winning big today, which of course could influence my feelings about a site :) (+5500 TRX and a lot of tokens)

So if you want to earn some BTC divivends, you know where you have to be:


Feel free to use my referral link by clicking on the link above and start earning some free BTC!



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