What can you do to help the Pandemic? It's EASY!

What can you do to help the Pandemic? It's EASY!

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 20 Nov 2020

Hello its Joshua here!!!

I usually blog about paying crypto sites that actually pay but this is more important, I am pretty real in all my posts...No bullshit really lol.

Anyways given this respiratory virus plaguing the lands, some places being more fortunate then others.

Alot of people think this may be a hoax or just fake in general and really don't take it seriously what so ever which kind of sickens me, I find that outlook very unintelligent... say it was not fake? And that careless attitude killed those people's family members? Would they care then?

Does it take people sick with it around them to actually let it sink in?


Would they still be in self denial?

I will be honest some people are just plain....hate to say it..but stupid, thinking a mask is oppression xD thats some pretty dumb shit.

Not like your being ripped from your families...yet( when they are quarantined)

Or being forced labour...or being forced to eat a dick.

The fact is carrying around hand sanitizer works in alot of ways... wearing a mask is not the only thing.

Wearing a mask makes you touch your face while adjusting, while you go on with your day to day life.

But masks I strongly support and good ones, the disposable ones are gay and barely do there job and are expensive to you.

How to tell between a good mask and a shit one, is take a lighter close to your mouth...and light the lighter...if you can blow it out the mask is a pos.

Also 50$ for what ever amount of disposable ones is a waste. Get reusable ones and wash them..

A lil more work but all in all I have over 20 reusable ones so its never an issue.

50$ a case of disposable is a dumb choice.

Things YOU can do to stay safe are easy.

Keep your household bubble...don't see your elders even though that kills me to say, your friends can fuck off as you do not know where they have been. 

Also this is not a fear thing...its a smart choice and honestly I hate to admit that...but shit got real pretty fast. In my country Canada we have gone from 30- 600ish in a few days and the numbers rise by the hour.

It may not be around you or it is...and it saddens me but we can all do our part no matter where we live.

Keep travel limited unless necessary, even if it is necessary rethink it and how important it is.

My grandmother died a few months ago not due to covid but I understand what it is to lose someone. 

Right now I listen to Johnny Cash Sunday morning coming down.

And it reverts my mind how worse it could be.

Use hand sanitizer 

Fuck people

  • Wear a mask and don't be a twat

Don't bring yourself around young or old

Keep that bubble smaller then my dick

I hope all around the world sees this post 

Plz share.

I wish you and your family the best...no homo bruh


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