I am looking for somewhere to learn more about AmpleForth

I am looking for somewhere to learn more about AmpleForth

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 8 Nov 2021

Hello there 

From what I can muster from looking it up AmpleForth is one confusing coin/token out there.

The one thing I am confused about is the elasticity of its supply and demand, as it is somewhat of a stable coin in a sense but not at the same time.

The more demand for AmpleForth the higher the supply goes and is distributed to hodlers if I am not mistaken?

For example I had 3.70ish in my wallet( not on site) AmpleForth and now I have 6.36 and I haven't done shit.

My understanding is that if the price stays above a certain price the supply will adjust its self at the same time every day and I will gain more looking at around 0.30-0.40 a day which is pretty nice I guess. But how much will I lose if it goes down past that threshold do I lose some of my balance? 

Should I invest and see if my balance jump is higher if I am holding more?

And if I were to if it does go to the lower threshold at what point should I sell to avoid taking a hit in value?

It's kinda cool to watch it go up nearly 0.50 USD everyday( my balance not the price per coin/token)

Or am I just not really understanding this at all?

From what I have read even enthusiastic crypto gurus have a had time with actually grasping and fully understanding what AmpleForth is all about.

If there is any really good info out there drop it in the comments.

Maybe other people will come across this and if there are some good answers it will intern help them and me at the same time.

Well thank you for reading and would love to see some comments please.

Take care.


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