Sirwin's Rival is here, and with 126% return in 180 days off 1k sat

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 27 Nov 2021

Hey there 

most people who have done faucets know what is.

If you don't a quick run down, it is a long time running faucet with alot of features. Including....

1 hour faucet(up to 200usd can be won)


Daily wager lottery

High and low game

Daily spins(sign up for newsletter)

That give

The chances to win a Lamborghini 

 a Rolex

Lottery tickets


A gift card

Or reward points

All you need to do is sign up for the news letter and you will receive one free roll a day.

A handsome interest rate

Sport betting

And a chance to invest in FUN token, which in turn depending on how much you are holding gives you boosts and more free spins daily.

It is so legit and I remember using it back in the day when you would get 1k plus Satoshi at least a spin v..v shoulda held on to those earnings for sure.

One added feature is the reward points boosts, you can spend them on alot of thing. Including my favorite a free spin every claim or 2 for 24 hours.

Alright now that that is explained, if you already knew then we'll damn boi that's a thicc boi

If not sign up for sure

Okay so now for the main topic and honestly I fucking love this faucet, pardon my french but seriously.

The faucet I will be talking about is

Honestly at first I thought it was a Ponzi scheme site that would be down in a month.

Well it's been a year and it is running strong and I honestly feel that it will just get better over time just like did.

A huge upside to this one are a few more crisp features.


You can buy shares, 1 share is 1k Satoshi.

You get 126% in 180 day back so in a good term if you dropped a measly 50k into shares you are getting 63k Satoshi back. 

So 13k a way it's almost like staking but not really.

Also the one thing that is totally awesome is the lottery on this site is daily unlike 7 days on

Every 24 hours someone wins and the site has a decent amount of users but if it can grow more the daily lottery will just get better.

Alot of people win with 1-15 tickets and 1 ticket is only 1 sat.

This site also has a really good high and low game. I have never felt jewed unless I was being wreckless.

In addition it also has 


Offer walls


And to be quite frank the captcha and ads are really good, not all in your face and annoying.

Another kicker is that you only need 200 sat to withdrawal and it is instantly to

Which is great and they just introduced Solana and have many gambling options. 

I usually take my faucet earned coins and gamble them for profit with no cost to me except my time of course but I have fun doing it.

This site is only a year old just in the past few days and it is amazing, it has so much potential to grow.

So I really hope you check out

Take care


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