CoVid19 Getting Worse in Canada...

CoVid19 Getting Worse in Canada...

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 20 Mar 2020

Well damn I am cruising youtube checking out some songs and bam a pop up from the Canadian Health Organization, Currently were I live (British Columbia) has the most cases. Thats a fucking bummer v..v

The really bad thing is there IS that contagious incubation period...I don't care what they say it is totally that way so it may spread really fast....

If you can be infected for that many days before showing symptoms a lot more people are most likely already sick without even realizing it yet, I am no doctor or scientist but thinking from a logical point of view that just make sense.

The media is really not helping the situation either...I cant say I have heard fuck all for news other then CoVid19 xD and just to throw in I found 2 rolls of toilet paper at the store today OHHHH HEELLLSSS Yeah but they were like 2.50 a roll v..v 

All them people with those water squirting toilets are just laughin it up screaming "Paper free house hold bitches" 

But apparently it is now affecting middle age people badly also so please take care of yourself, this is gunna sound like a health nut remark but literally go get essential oils like mint, peppermint, eucalyptus for a diffuser for the air when you sleep or a boiled pot of water to breath in to help yourself breath easier.

As of right now there are 847 infected in Canada, with the incubation period its obviously more then that...

British columbia is #1

Ontario takes second place

Alberta is #3

Then its Quebec

Other places are infected also but those are the ones that stand out in numbers.

Every week the numbers are going to grow till it is curbed but even then a few simple mistakes and it can blow back up again unless there is a tested working vaccine...Hell that doesn't really mean anything as we have these asshole non vaccinating flat earthing piles of shit lol 

Holy shit this is happening because the Earth is actually flat...and essential oils cure deseases...

Okay but to being serious though I wonder what the next month is going to be like? I wonder how society will struggle? 

perhaps order could break down? people start looting for food? (And toilet paper)

OR Will it just stupe and vanish?

Time can only tell

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Keep collecting and take care :D


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