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By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 17 Mar 2020

Hello once again!!

Before I go into any real details about Coinpot I would Like to clear up that No matter what you have heard...they really DO pay out. 

They will not pay, people who bot or try to cheat the system, which I completely support. As faucets stay up and running because of Advertising, so I really don’t blame them for not paying some people.

I have cashed out of Coinpot a lot this past few months. I have proof of payments on my other blog. I’m going to paste the link for it below, but in the next few days or even today I’m going to make a post for proof of payment. Then you can see well proof and how often I actually cash out. As I hadn’t posted them all because I can’t scroll down to put more images in.

Blogging on here is so much better and more phone friendly.

Okay so now Let’s get into details of Coinpot.

What is Coinpot? Coinpot is what’s called a Micro Wallet. It is not actually a faucet on its own, it is just for receiving payments from the 7 Partner sites it has.

The Coins available are:






Also a Coinpot Token that you get 3 of from each Faucet claim you make. 1 token is roughly 2 satoshi, these build up fast if you claim a lot (which you can claim Every 5 minutes on the 5 different partner sites....another is every 3 minutes and the last one is every 15 min)

So if you think about it that’s 21 tokens every 15 minutes.... so every 7 claims your making an extra 42 satoshi on top of what your already claiming.

The Coinpot token can be converted to any of the 5 currencies and spent on there Lottery and Multiply Game. Not to mention you can Web mine the tokens or the Currencies.

If you want to cash out super fast (about a day) I recommend signing up for all 7 partner sites and just focus on building 1 coin balance as there is no fee for converting.

I personally change it all to Ltc because the cash out is only a 0.002 minimum. Like I said if you do all 7 sites at least 10 times in a day you will reach min cash out so fast.

I only suggest Ltc because I actually use it for advertising which really pays off.

In any Faucet building your Referral base is key to making faster cryptocurrency.

Mellowads and litecoinads are my go to advertisers so far.

My post about Mellowads here

MellowAds Advertising

Okay hopefully I have your attention now, so let’s get started on what to do. 

So start off by making a Coinpot account for free here

Once that is finished, signing up with the 7 Partner sites is very easy as you just use the email you used for your Coinpot account. When you claim on these sites it goes straight to your Coinpot wallet along with them 3 tokens per claim :)

Here are the 3 bitcoin faucets

Bitfun (Claim every 3 min)

BonusBitcoin(Claim every 15 min)

MoonBitcoin(Claim every 5 min)

Min Payout 0.0001 Satoshi 

Now for the other 4 Cryptocurrency Faucets 

MoonDoge(Claim every 5 min)

Min Payout 100 Doge

MoonLitecoin(Claim every 5 min)

Min Payout 0.002 Ltc

MoonCash(Claim every 5 min)


Min Payout 0.001 BitcoinCash 

And lastly

MoonDash(Claim every 5 min)

Min Payout 0.001

Well Thank you so much for reading I hope all goes well and you make some cryptocurrency!!!! If your a person who bots or cheats GTFO lol ;) 

If not Follow me for more awesome content you won’t wanna miss out on.

Take Care and Keep on Collecting!!!!!!

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