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Crypto getting back to "normal" or the so called end of a bull market? And what if?

By Badbot666 | TheBoT.Concept | 19 May 2021

Hey publish0x,

Been a while...

Yeah... And what if I could show you a way of not carrying about the prices that much because no matter how lol or how high prices would go it could never harm you but even sometimes benefit you a lot?

Well TheBoT.Concept is live and if you're curious about the whole idea be welcomed to join us.


But that's not my accent for today. We all know RollerCoin

Most of us are sometimes playing even. But not many actually see it strong because they actually don't know how to put the platform to work for them the way it can. Now hear me up. Especially if you're having an affiliate network or building one.

When sharing rollercoin to your friends framily network etc. make sure to tell them to use the platform the exact way you're doing it. Tell them also to tell that same thing to their referrals and so on. Then you start farming their native token (RLT) until you fill your rooms with miners. Roughly should take a few months if you are a good promoter or publisher with strong affiliate network. Then when satisfied with the accumulated mining power switch to BTC and dont forget to remind your refferals to do the same thing. This way you're boosting your earnings in a concentrated manner with a small percentage of missguided refs also lower failure rates*.

If there is a fast track to riches playing 8bit games... THATS IT!


* Failure I would call a referral that mines different currency/ies than the herd.







If there is a post like this one already I am quite sorry.

If you are rather intrigued by the written bolox dont miss the jibrish at

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