Cloud mining UNLEX mining working with BINANCE?

By Badbot666 | TheBoT.Concept | 20 May 2021

UNLEX crypto cloud mining platform and its earning potential plus a good question asked. Is UNLEX working with BINANCE on the distribution of BNB tokens to its investors?

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For a little over a month I've been using Unlex cloud mining and I'm quite satisfied with the platform for not one but many reasons.

If you make an account and pass the KYC you can head over to the bounty page and make quite a good inject for completing simple tasks like writing a review on TrustPilot about the platform and they will honour your review with 100 doge in your dashboard. Also if you share a post on your facebook or twitter page there is a good reward with ETH.

What I did was to get the 100 doge and invest it into the platform for mining speed. Because you can pay for different mining speed with different currencies I got myself some ETH/ETC speed with the doge. Then on receiving of the ETH bounty for the FB/twitter bounties I bought more ETH/ETC mining speed which was quite reasonable for a free-KYC only investment.

Since then the journey has been going smoothly.

If you give a more detailed look on their platform you will see that there is a page called Airdrop (beta). In there you see that there is a BNB airdrop possibilities included with your investment over 600$. But when you read more you realise that every purchase of mining speed is counted towards the 600$ minimum for airdrops to be unlocked.

Having in mind that the minimum prices for mining speed are quite low I've started growing my investment bit by bit which will allow me to slowly but surely reach the 600$ investment minimum and see how the BNB airdrop goes from there.

If the platform remains stable I would love to see where it could take me. With a good and responsive support. With the offers they have. And with the minimum to no investment at all opportunities. I vote a big YES for the platform.



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