Bitcoin new ATH in Polish Zloty !
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Bitcoin new ATH in Polish Zloty !

By Savastano | TheBestCryptoBlog | 20 Nov 2020

I have a great news for a whole crypto community! 
Investors and traders from Poland can already celebrate ATH in price. It turns out that the price of Bitcoin in PLN has never been so high before. As BitBay , the country's most popular cryptocurrency exchange, announced yesterday on Facebook , Bitcoin has just hit ATH against PLN:

BitBay Bitcoin ATH

 Source: Facebook

The difference is due to the fact that the USD / PLN exchange rate on December 17, 2017 was quoted in the area of ​​PLN 4.25. Today it is only PLN 3.75. In other words, we receive much more zlotys for each Bitcoin today than we received at the end of 2017.

ATH BTC prices on BitBay / Source: BitBay

Therefore, the Polish Bitcoin market recorded an all-time record in the valuation of Bitcoin in PLN. We have just entered the price discovery phase.

New we are waiting for a new ATH in USD and EUR price :) When this will happen... then oh my GOD... 
Projects like a ETH, Chainlink and PolkaDOT - will explode! :)

Good luck everyone! :)

21 November update:

New ATH in PLN on the Bitbay:
71 100 PLN per 1 Bitcoin!

To the moon :)


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