Why Play Gods Unchained?

Why Play Gods Unchained?

By the01crow | the01crow | 15 Oct 2019

This is a decentralized game that unlike other games similar to this one, you are the owner of the cards, ask the following question and the user Cerne (CRN)#3423 who is a community moderator in the discord of Gods Unchained

the01crow: If for some reason the creators of the game decide to banish me that I know, I would give an example as what happened to the player that for the protests of Hongkong, could they keep my cards?

 - What others said here is correct, that if you are banned you can't lose the cards that are on-chain. But not all cards are on-chain. Core cards are off-chain by default and these would get wiped if you were banned. Until you fuse a bunch of core cards and turn them into on-chain assets, they aren't really yours.

A collectible card game, where you can play against other players.

When you win a fight, you gain additional experience, you also gain experience when you lose but the amount is less, so you can level up, each level you raise you to get 5 new cards, which will improve your deck.

There are different types of gods and each one has 4 different powers, so the possibilities to create strategies are varied.

You have mana, which would be the action points, and every turn they gain 1 mana point until they reach 9 manas.

Initially, they give you to choose which spell or power of the god you are going to choose, and then the 4 initial cards that came out to you, the advisable thing is that you choose the of little mana, to be able to use them soon.

The cards of more mana usually have special abilities, more attack, and defense.

The gods initially have 30 of life.

Every turn you win 1 mana, but some cards give mana points.

You can use the power of the hero when you don't have cards with the number of action points (mana).

You can spend a turn or finish it by hitting the golden arrow, there you see what time you have left the liquid color of your god goes down to the right side and ends and starts the other.

Sometimes the game is boomers do, up to the right there is a gear, dale clear cache.

The game sometimes does not enter the first fight, and puts you as a loser ..., for the other if you can because that happens not the truth, but sometimes as you lose, you can get people with that problem and you playing and they take turns there as if they were not.

The game has a weekly ranking, depending on the points that one does more than anything of the victories in that week give him cards (I think they are the other deck, this the core and the other ... )

The difference between the 2 decks, is that one can be exchanged, there is a limited amount of cards, and types, that if bronze, silver, gold, diamond I imagine that gives them greater value.

The cards have effects:

Deadly is the one I hate the most when an opponent has a monster with it, it kills whatever it is (unless it has a shield...) and well I hate finding the enemy with that card, I have some with those effects and good help a lot.

Some cards yawn or improve skills, +1,2, for example,  1 of attack 2 of life, and well that makes the difference many times.

Strike: they are cards that can hit 2 times, some cards give that effect to others and is a nightmare or advantage if you have it, and you put it on a card that has 6 attacks... you hit a card, and hit the god ...

Frontline: they are defenses that have to destroy it or if those cards to be able to attack the god, some defenses have attacked so they are lower of life to the one that attacks.

Some spells make that defense jump.

There are cards that gain attack or life, depending on some card condition, there is an elephant of 4 action points that is my favorite, the gain 1 attack 1 of life, for each blow that one of the companions receives and remain alive, that elephant or mammoth, gets to grab that if 10 of life, and well I like to put full walls, my deck is full defense by that card (I have 2 mammoths) is that my god war, has a spell that increases 1 of attack 2 of life, to the card that I have in the hand, and costs 2 of mana 2 of life, to the card that I have in the hand, and it costs 2 of mana 2 of life, and well I like to put full walls, my deck is full defense by that card (I have 2 mammoths) is that my god war, has a spell that increases 1 of attack 2 of life, to the card that I have in the hand, and costs 2 of mana 2 of life.

Some cards are hidden, you can not attack them, others that invoke a monster, or revive something, or remove you from the deck, or allow you to draw a card, or draw a card from the deck and so there are many effects and therefore the strategies that can be taken.

As you can see, the game has a lot of strategies behind, part of luck and skill, you have to think, a reason which cards to use at the right time.If you like play it need beta key: https://godsunchained.com/?beta-key=kBMOCzPtfZ

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