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By the01crow | the01crow | 7 Sep 2019


    Mycryptohero is a game that caught my attention because it is one of the most famous ETH games, it is set in an RPG game with pixelated characters, very old school, which can be played on mobile and laptop or desktop pc. This game uses GUM Token to make different transactions, get bonus benefits to upload experience, better objects for heroes, among many other things.


We start with 3 characters which we have to choose the position in which they will be.

Then let's do the quests!


The battles are animated and in turn, really entertaining, there are different types of levels of your opponents and when you win the 3 room, we will face the boss, when you win he will give us an item.



Obviously these objects can be placed in the characters, besides that they can be sold in the game market, also heroes can be sold!

There are different Nodes, to make quests, there are free nodes, and premium nodes.


The nodes have different types levels, and end bosses whose objects as their difficulty increases, also the rarity of the object, and therefore the value of it.


The game market, is usually used GUM tokem, and eth.


You can buy and sell items , hero at OpenSea

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