3 simple steps to win world's first biometric USB/iOS crypto wallet

The folks over at are holding a giveaway contest to win the world's first biometric USB/iOS encryption key token and crypto-wallet. The Keyxentic Token boasts two newly developed technologies that allow users to encrypt all of their files, emails, cloud data, PDFs, passwords, and crypto wallet with their fingerprint. The Keyxentic Token promises to do away with recovery phrases while securing your data even if the device is lost or stolen with a recovery smart card. This new device is a revolutionary next generation disruptive technology that changes personal cyber-security and digital privacy.



The dynamic capabilities of the Keyxentic Token replaces several ineffective encryption software solutions all at once. Users no longer have to buy separate encryption software solutions if they want to encrypt their files, emails, cloud data, PDFs, passwords, and crypto wallet. With each separate encryption software package costing hundreds of dollars in yearly subscription fees, the Keyxentic Token is not only more secure but also offers far more value for your money.

The Keyxentic Token comes with a hardware cryptographic acceleration chip, fingerprint match-on-card safe key backup, and secure element chip which are all newly developed one-of-a-kind technologies, it also has a smart card reader and MicoSD for hidden and encrypted partitions. The Keyxentic Smart Token is the “new standard” for encryption of all of your data while also offering the most secure method of storing cryptocurrencies.


Keyxentic Inc. partnered with TideWallet utilizes a decentralized multi-service electronic wallet to manage crypto assets. The TideWallet insures only you know your private keys and the Keyxentic Token insures that the only way to access your private keys is with your biometric fingerprint, protecting you from the risk of asset theft.

With all of these new technologies Keyxentic Token promises to be “the next step in the evolution of cybersecurity” by providing a simple and powerful key for encryption software that secures all of your digital assets.

Enter to win the world's first biometric USB/iOS encryption key token and crypto-wallet by clicking the link below, just complete the 3 easy steps you will be eligible to win.

Enter to win here>> Win a Keyxentic Token

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Multimedia By JP

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The World's first biometric secured crypto wallet
The World's first biometric secured crypto wallet

Recovery phrases and lost hardware wallets are a thing of the past, the Keyxentic Token has your back. Here's a closer look at the world's first biometric secured encryption key and hardware crypto wallet.

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