A First of it’s kind Multi-Modal Bio-Authenticated Certified Secure Encryption key with Crypto-Wallet. The Keyxentic Smart Token is an elegant and user-friendly all encompassing digital data security solution.

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3 simple steps to win world's first biometric USB/iOS crypto wallet

18 Apr 2019 1 minute read KeyxenticToken $0.77 tipped

The folks over at are holding a giveaway contest to win the world's first biometric USB/iOS encryption key token and crypto-wallet. The Keyxentic Token boasts two newly developed technologies that allow users to encrypt all of thei...

Keyxentic Token: The World's first biometric secured crypto wallet

9 Apr 2019 2 minute read KeyxenticToken $2.47 tipped

The Keyxentic Token is not your typical crypto wallet, it is a complete set of end-to-end encryption systems for securing all of your digital data with your fingerprint. The keyxentic Token uses three newly developed proprietary biometric technologie...