Virtual Ecosystem and Developing Blockchain Indonesia


The Blockchain Technology Powers and Facilitates Cross-Border Payments

The high value of transfers and the slow process made using blockchain technology an alternative payment method that is assumed to be easier and faster. Not only that the use of blockchain can also reduce fees significantly.

Blockchain technology makes it easy to trade stocks in the future

Blockchain technology will have an effect on stock trading. By using blockchain technology allows greater trading accuracy and a more rapid completion process.

Smart contract properties of blockchain technology.

A smart contract is one of the most promising issues in blockchain technology. The smart contract can carry out commercial transactions and implement agreements automatically and can also enforce the obligations of all parties in a contract without intermediaries.

Blockchain technology increases online self-evidence management

The method of working on self-evident management in the blockchain is quite easy. Users can recognize themselves and who they want to tell. It could be that users still have to recognize themselves on the blockchain but after that, they can use that identification for other services.

Advantages and loyalty of blockchain technology

There are many benefits offered, listed transparency and transaction tracking. Regarding this, it will help the banks and the insurance industry to generate more loyalty and reward programs that are in line with management performance



Mining in the blockchain industry is a method for obtaining crypto money. The following industries offer digital heritage mining services in Indonesia:

1. Unicoin Mining

Digital heritage mining services platform that offers cloud mining as well as hosting mining rigs at their mining farms.

2. Honest Mining

Digital heritage mining services platform that uses the master node system in cloud mining.

Exchange and OTC

Exchange and Over the Counter (OTC) is a process of exchanging and buying and selling cryptocurrency. In Indonesia, many industries have provided platform exchange and OTC cryptocurrency services, including:

1. Indodax

A marketplace for buying and selling digital heritage (cryptocurrency) that provides an exchange using currency in Rupiah (IDR). At this time Indodax is the largest exchange in Southeast Asia.

2. Coinone Indonesia

Coinone Indonesia is a crypto exchange service from Korea and focuses on buying and selling cryptocurrency.

3. My account. com

Indonesia's local platform is a place for exchanging various digital money to institutions and reliable.


A platform that introduces token value records and crypto exchange trading.

5. Triv

Web buying and selling various e-currencies, real-time brokers from 100 banks in Indonesia that operate 24 hours without offline.

6. Bitocto

Online marketplace platform that connects people who buy or sell digital relics with Rupiah (IDR).

7. Luno

An industry that facilitates Bitcoin storage, as well as carrying out transactions to buy, sell and pay through the Bitcoin wallet service.

8. Tokocrypto

It is an OTC industry that distributes buying and selling services of crypto relics such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


It is an industry from China where digital exchanges are inherited from OTC trading for investors who want to buy large amounts of Bitcoin.


Is a local exchange industry, crypto heritage exchange, and blockchain based digital services.


NUCEX is a platform where buyers and sellers meet and barter between Digital Asset online using rupiah or bitcoin.

12. Upbit

Platform that trades various coins such as altcoin Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Neo.


an integrated digital heritage exchange service platform that offers exchanges with first-class security features.

14. KoinX

KoinX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports tens of thousands of traders with the same level of security as the stock trading platform and forex trading platform.

15. Huobi Indonesia

It is a legacy digital exchange platform that offers trading and investment, has a head office in China.

16. Bitsten

Is a digital-based web exchanger that serves the buying and selling of digital money such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, steneum, and other digital currency.

17. Door

Buying and selling services, transfers and depositing Krypto.


An exchange platform for buying and selling crypto money with features such as lightning transactions trusted digital wallets and convenient transactions.

Consultants and Development

The development of the Indonesian blockchain and cryptocurrency is supported by companies that provide consulting and development services for the blockchain-based startup industry. Among other things there are some of the following industries:

1. Blocktech

Service industry that offers consulting services in the field of Blockchain & amp; Cryptocurrency

2. Blockchain Zoo

A consulting company in Indonesia that only focuses on Blockchain consulting, is said to be an industry that is technologically agnostic and does not play in cryptocurrency and trading at all.

3. Standard Alpha

The industry that provides services and advisory/consulting services for industries or businesses that want to innovate using blockchain technology.

4. Nusantara Blockchain Indonesia

International class technology industry that uses blockchain technology in all business zones with adaptive security.

5. BlockSphere

The pioneering industry for IT solutions in Indonesia which focuses on distributing encouragement in the form of consultations to industries that focus on blockchain technology.

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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

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