Media and Information on Indonesian Blockchain

Media and Information on Indonesian Blockchain



Media and information on Indonesian blockchain

The use of media and the spread of data are very meaningful for the condition of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems in Indonesia. Some media engaged in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields include:


is a leading Indonesian media platform for activities as well as data related to crypto money, digital relics, and blockchain technology.

2. Blockchain

The platform based in Medan is a platform that is formed by the concern of the community as well as blockchain activists in Indonesia.

3. Coin Daily

An early Indonesian cryptocurrency news portal that introduced news about a coin, blockchain, and crypto.


Project Based on Blockchain Technology

Create an increase in the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency requires support from various parties. Here are some industries that support the blockchain industry.

1. Play Game

PlayGame is a blockchain-based gaming platform that produces a gaming ecosystem using crypto money.

2. Pundi X

Pundi X is a multi-currency Point-of-Sale (POS) service for retail stores that accept payment using crypto money.

3. XYZ list

A listing is a web of purchases, e-commerce, logistics, financial and accounting materials.


An information exchange platform (big information exchange) based on blockchain technology.


It is an Indonesian Public Blockchain that uses blockchain technology to build an online marketplace for trade people.


It is a cryptocurrency trading application that makes it easier for young people in Indonesia to invest.

7. Giant

It's a blockchain based platform that allows users to get rewards for financial transactions

8. Lyfe

A platform that promotes a healthy lifestyle using blockchain technology.

9. Tokoin

The platform that uses blockchain technology to build self-evidence and a valid reputation from MSMEs.


A revolutionary blockchain-based forex trading platform that features minimum trading payouts, transactions with full transparency

11. Identity OneMe

A platform that provides self-evident management services that are more convenient based on blockchain technology.

12. Jug

A blockchain based platform that allows P2P lending services for MSMEs.

13. Santara

Santara is a marketplace platform for digital relics in Indonesia to raise funds with the scheme to issue Cyronium tokens (CYRO).


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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

A brilliant country is a world where people have a principle about the development of progress. both in all technologies, even ecosystems about the economy.

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