Indonesia Blockchain and 2019 Landscape Cryptocurrency.

Indonesia Blockchain and 2019 Landscape Cryptocurrency.


Indonesia Blockchain and 2019 Landscape Cryptocurrency.

The blockchain ecosystem and the cryptocurrency (digital legacy) that are growing very rapidly make many industries or blockchain-based projects emerge in Indonesia. The following is a complete record of entities engaged in the blockchain and cryptocurrency field in Indonesia in 2019, for the Indonesian Blockchain Association (A-B-I).

Formal Association and Government Body

There are some associations and government bodies that organize blockchain actors in Indonesia. Among others:

1. Indonesian Blockchain Association (A-B- I)

is an association that was built with the aim of socializing the blockchain to the most important citizens of crypto actors in order to master and use the blockchain to the fullest. A-B-I is also a bridge between the blockchain community and the government body.


is a Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Body in charge of overseeing and controlling futures trading in Indonesia. BAPPEBTI actively formulates regulations about crypto money in Indonesia.

3. Financial Services Authority (OJK)

OJK is an independent institution whose role is to implement regulations and supervision of activities that link financial services in Indonesia. OJK itself in the session reviewed the implementation of crypto money in Indonesia.

4. Bank Indonesia

Bank Indonesia is like a central monetary policy in Indonesia, again carrying out a study on the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which plans to end in 2020.

5. Ministry of Communication and Data and Informatics (Ministry of Communication and Information)

The Ministry of Communication and Information is a department of the Republic of Indonesia which is in charge of communication and informatics. Responding to the growth of Blockchain technology, the Ministry of Communication and Information also did not lose understanding in welcoming this new technology. The Ministry of Communication and Information often holds blockchain-themed public dialogues to urge guidance to residents.

Media and Information

The use of media and the spread of data are very meaningful for the condition of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems in Indonesia.

Some media engaged in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields include:

1. Coinvest. com

is a leading Indonesian media platform for activities as well as data related to crypto money, digital relics, and blockchain technology.

2. Blockchain media. id

The platform based in Medan is a platform that is formed by the concern of the community as well as blockchain activists in Indonesia.

3. Coin Daily

An early Indonesian cryptocurrency news portal that introduced news about a coin, blockchain, and crypto.



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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

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