How to Safely Store Digital Assets


if you are interested in the world of cryptocurrency investment, there is one main reason that you need to have. This is not an ability to trading. Instead, this is aimed at your own security. many people choose to save their digital money in the electronic market, Indodax (ASIA) for the convenience of trading. But this is very dangerous for your investment because the risk of being hacked is very large. From the first time the cryptocurrency was created, there have been many cases of hacking that occurred in large markets such as BINANCE, POLONIX, and others.

How to Save Cryptocurrency Correctly

So what are the safe ways to store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other types of digital money (Cryptocurrency) can be stored in your personal wallet, just like the cash you have. The only difference is that this wallet is Digital.
There are various types of wallets that you can use at different times.

A wise person will keep their virtual money offline and in a cold storage wallet (cool wallet).

need knows wallet has two keys, namely Private Key and Public Key. The Private Key shows your legitimate ownership of the Public Key (code that is connected to a certain number of currencies on the blockchain) to access your funds on the blockchain.

Simply use the Private Key for access to the wallet.
The Public Key Wallet Address function allows you as a user to send a number of coins to another use and the Private Key is your password and login ID. By entering the Private Key, you can directly access your wallet. You must really keep your Private Key safe because with the Private Key, anyone can access your Crypto assets.

Likewise, vice versa if the key is lost and you forget to save it then you can no longer use the crypto assets that you saved.


Here are the ways and suggestions for you when saving your Private Key and Recovery Code

1. Don't keep your Private Key on your computer, it is safer to store your wallet in paper or offline notes.

2. It is recommended to save not only one copy but at least two copies of your private key, even more, better or your recovery code in two different places. If it is lost, you can still access your private key or recovery code.

3. Beware of your hard drive, if you store a hot wallet in the form of a file or folder, there is always a risk that your hard drive will get a virus or the hard drive will be damaged, even though the hard drive can be repaired.

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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

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