Should You Be Worried about Bitcoin's Price Drop?

The short answer is no.

The long answer delves less into the technical aspects of Bitcoin's blockchain but rather into the societal forces that propel Bitcoin's worth. As a society, we have been entering a phase of technological integration never seen before. I elaborate more on this topic in Why Go Crypto? In short, the world has merged nearly every facet of living with the electronic world, with currencies lagging behind. This pattern of conjunction between physical and digital implies that currency will inevitably follow suit.


Which turns our attention to Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first blockchain, developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, and leads the current market cap values held by cryptocurrencies. As the frontrunner for blockchain cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is going to reap most of the benefit of the sector's growth. As I've discussed before, the sector has yet to grow. Imagine the potential once the rest of the world catches on and accepts cryptocurrencies. Imagine company-based coins with customer rewards, payments made fast and secure through blockchain exchanges, federal rejection of physical money in favor of national cryptocoin; the possibilities are endless.

With all this in mind, today's market crash is insignificant. The future of Bitcoin and cryptocurencies are still well in the future, with their untapped potential still greatly overshadowing what we use. Hold your coins and be excited for the future as we are pioneers of the money of tomorrow.

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The world of cryptocurrencies
The world of cryptocurrencies

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