Alien Worlds: A Different Take

Hello! If you've read my post about gaming you would know how I feel about the current state of crypto gaming.

To quickly summarize, the modern wave of blockchain gaming is lackluster in both the gaming and crypto aspects. The gameplay is unbelievably stale and offers nothing of its own without the promise of monetary return and said monetary return usually comes at a snail's pace. Thankfully, the merge between NFTs and cryptocurrencies does give Alien Worlds an edge in terms of player's yield. The chance of winning NFTs—expensive ones at that—introduces a jackpot aspect that most other crypto games do not feature (at least not as consistently and rewarding).

That being said, the gaming half of Alien World crypto gaming is abysmal. To begin with, those approaching the game as free-to-play users might as well be subscribing themselves to a multi-hour clicking simulator. To add to the misery, the time in between available mining attempts is only a few minutes, forcing the player to constantly participate in the mind-numbing process. There is nothing fun, flashy or exciting about mining: you just press a button. If you do choose to submit your soul to the process, the payout is still incredibly minute. For the non-payer, NFT drop rates are laughably low—considering the painstaking process of initiating a mining operation—and are not reliable. The TLM itself is now near-worthless, sitting at around 40 cents compared to its previous 5 dollars, making the crude monetary payout of mining laughable as well.

As for those who pay their way into placing higher than last in the Thunderdome—the excuse of a "combat" system—the gameplay is no better. The battles are not visual nor engaging and rely solely on the stats submitted before commencement. Overall, there really is no gameplay, at all. You click a couple of identical-looking buttons every few minutes and click a few more similar buttons once an eon if you can enter the Thunderdome. 


Alien Worlds falls in the crypto gaming hype trap.

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The world of cryptocurrencies

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