Accrue Basic Attention Tokens (BATs) with Brave Browser!

Are you in search of free, relevant cryptocurrency but do not want to invest too much of your own time? Excellent! Brave Browser has an answer for you. 

To begin with, Brave Browser offers a built-in ad blocker, a cookies blocker and a tracking disabler. The ad blocker works on popups and even Youtube ads. Brave also saves data when loading websites and keeps track of all the time & computational power saved. Overall, Brave is better than the mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox and is worth the download alone.


Now onto Brave Rewards. Brave Browser has come up with its own cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token or BAT. The whitepaper can be read here. In summary, the Basic Attention Token is a simplification of the advertising business. The BAT aims to improve user privacy, publisher outreach and simplify the middleman process in between the two. Brave Rewards allows you to willingly subscribe to non-intrusive advertisements—at most 5 an hour—in favor of the thousands of intrusive ones found across the web.


These ads each provide 0.01 BAT which, although seems small, racks up quickly at a rate of 5 an hour. In general, the Basic Attention Token seems like a much needed development in the advertising industry and may become indispensable in the future. Getting on the train early and claiming these free BATs whilst Brave is giving them out is a no-brainer. Go download Brave and start earning those BATs!


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The world of cryptocurrencies

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