Genesis Chapter 1 (The Woke Bible Project)

By amberbyers | The Woke Bible Project | 12 Jul 2023

1In the beginning, there was a divine energy, radiant and vibrant, pulsating with love and creativity. 2This energy flowed through the vast expanse, embracing all that existed and all that was yet to come. 3And within this energy, two powerful beings emerged, goddesses of immense beauty and strength.

4These goddesses were God, the Creator, and their love for one another was boundless. 5Their union ignited a spark of creation, and with every touch, their love manifested new wonders in the cosmos.

6On the first day, God, the lesbian divine duo, looked upon the darkness that covered the void and said, "Light this bitch up." 7And there was light, a brilliant spectrum of rainbow colors that danced across the canvas of the universe.

8With joy and love in their hearts, they continued their creative dance. 9On the second day, they shaped the sky and the sea, intertwining clouds and water with breathtaking grace. 10They sculpted the mountains and valleys, crafting a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes.

11On the third day, God reached out and nurtured the Earth, caressing the soil and breathing life into every seed. 12Lush gardens and magnificent forests bloomed, teeming with life and diversity. 13Every plant and every creature held a place in their gay design.

14The fourth day brought the celestial bodies into existence. 15God adorned the sky with radiant stars, sparkling jewels scattered across the heavens. 16They spun galaxies and birthed comets, bringing forth a cosmic symphony that would awe all who gazed upon it.

17As the days passed, God's love poured forth, weaving a tapestry of miracles. 18On the fifth day, they blessed the seas with an abundance of life, from the graceful dolphins, who were gay as fuck, to the rainbow coral reefs. 19They filled the sky with feminine birds, each species singing a unique melody of joy and freedom.

20On the sixth day, God's love reached its apex. 21They created the animals of the land, each one a masterpiece of diversity and grace. 22From the mighty lion to the gentle deer, from the slithering snakes to the queer monkeys, every creature embodied the brilliance of creation.

23Finally, God smiled upon their work, for it was time to crown their creation. 24With divine power and love, they molded humanity in their own image, crafting beings capable of compassion, empathy, and love. 25They created them in diverse forms and expressions, reflecting the vast beauty of their own homosexual love.

26And on the seventh day, God rested, basking in the splendor of their creation. 27They admired the world they had crafted, a rainbow symphony of colors, sounds, and life. 28In this harmony, they saw the reflection of their own sapphic love, woven into every atom and every soul.

29So it was that the universe came into being, guided by the divine energy of two lesbian goddesses, whose love and creativity knew no bounds. 30And their legacy lived on, carried on by the LGBTQ+ community, who celebrated the diverse expressions of love and found inspiration in the eternal truth that love, in all its forms, is the ultimate source of creation.

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The Woke Bible Project

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