The Whale Intelligence #7


Help Test Hard Fork 21!

Steemitblog put out a call for people to test the new Hardfork and people are ... not happy.

"very lazy development ruined steem market value every one is leaving steem forever we do not care anymore about steem and lame promise of SMT which is lolipop leave us alone if you cannot make steem stable no one like to stay if steem keep droping 10 ,15% per day." -healthexpert

"I'm so disappointed with Steemit Inc. I think you have missed a unique opportunity in the last two years. With ZERO marketing, poor execution and lacking the confidence of any investor. And now, are you still removing rewards from content creators? Unveliebeble! I don't understand how you don't take some earnings from the witnesses, in HF21." -Tincho

"Thanks @gtg and @timcliff. Guess i still don't get what witnesses are supposed to do, or did credit not go to all the others also?"  -michaelb

"Right? I know there are others testing it. And also, I'd like to know, what can we REALLY expect in hf21? Author rewards at zero for the average user?" - improv

It seems that not only are many users are upset with the new Hardfork proposals; but people are wondering why Witnesses arent jumping up to test the Hardfork for bugs. People are also bringing up the SMT protocols; which are arguably TWO YEARS overdue. 

What will the future of the Steem-chain hold? Probably not investor confidence unless things change. Some expect a Steem dip soon. Steem price for today is $0.282694. Price is down -15.4% in the last 24 hours.










I love playing this game I call "guess the bottom." 

Here's how you play: When your favorite crypto you Hodl starts dipping; you look at the price graph on your exchange of choice and try and predict the bottom. Im pretty darn good at this game... at least with Steem.

I'm not rich. But I did manage to buy some steem while the price was at 30 cents. The lowest price of that last dip was 28 cents. So in the "guess the bottom" game I was off by 2 cents. Not bad at all.A few Steemers today played guess the bottom. I put in my guess at 11 cents. The lowest guess was 7 cents. No one thought we were at the bottom now at 28 cents.

Could guess the bottombe a real game in the future? Could it be a legal online gambling gamein certain regions. Probably not. Its too easy to rig. But its a fun game to play with friends with no money  on the table. Best of all it encourages learning trend prediction. Predicting graphs could make you millions. THe best games are skill based and this one has no luck. The one who can imagine the data trend wins. There's no way to cheat. Wish me luck to win Steemer glory. 

My guess for this steem dip is 11 cents.





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