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Intrepreneur Front End Launches!

The INT token on steem-engine is now a tribe with it's own front end!

Anyone with a Steemit account can now log into and blog for INT tokens! Intrepreneur life is a overlay. The Intrepreneur tribe is specifically for Entrepreneurial people to blog about their small business or supplemental income. Anyone can blog about their projects and supplement their income even more!

INT tokens were created by Steemit user @crystalhuman. The circulating supply is 1,530,000 INT. The lowest ask is 0.020 STEEM. The highest bid currently is 0.010 STEEM.


- INT Whitepaper. -




Bounty0x is up 62.12%

 The site is in full swing! The UI of the site is great and there are lots of bounties listed. Anyone can sign up and perform tasks to earn different crypto. You can tell by being on the site this is a project that could easily valuate it's own token. I'm happy but not surprised that Bounty0x tokens are going up in value.

The total supply of Bounty0x {BNTY} is 500,000,000. The circulating supply is 232,720,097. BNTY is a Etherium based token.

I recommend everyone check out the projects behind crypto they hold in general. Everyone who blogs on Publish0x should not only visit the Beta Bounty0x site but also check out the Project Hydro site and also research the DAI Stablecoin. When you research the project and people behind a crypto; it might help you predict if a crypto will spike.

Hydro is currently down -2.09% but I believe it will spike soon.






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