The Weekly Summary - Learning Edition [Issue 29.0]
Read The Weekly Summary - Learning Edition [Issue 29.0]

The Weekly Summary - Learning Edition [Issue 29.0]

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 25 Oct 2020

Issue 29.0 / October 25, 2020


According to Harold Bloom, reading provides companionship and prepares us for change. Farnam Street has summarized how to read various forms of literature based on Bloom's book How to Read and Why.

This is what lifelong learning is all about. "Begin to develop a plan for lifelong self-development. Study your own behavior." - Deep Joshi

The next generation of the World Wide Web will be decentralized and give us ownership

A learning cycle based on a model of 1) discovery, 2) application, 3) reflection, and 4) conclusion.

With can learn, relearn, and unlearn.

Master your mindset.

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