The Weekly Summary - Issue 7.5 - Learning Extended Edition
The Weekly Summary - Issue 7.5 - Learning Extended Edition

The Weekly Summary - Issue 7.5 - Learning Extended Edition

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 29 May 2020

Issue 7.5 / May 28, 2020


Raad Ahmed is making me think about improving by 1 percent every day.

1% Better Every Day

I first read about the power of tiny gains by James Clear and in his essay the 1 Percent Rule. Clear is the author of Atomic Habits.

According to Ryan Holiday, all we need are a few small wins every day.

As a creator, David Perell says you should build content based on a personal monopoly. Ideas become wealth.

Build discipline into your personal and business life.

This is why history is a useful and profitable discipline.

I earnestly believe that only men’s faces and the outward aspect of things change, while the same things reoccur again and again. Thus we are witnessing events that happened earlier. But the alteration in names and outward aspects is such that only the most learned are able to recognise them.

Bill Gates thinks you’ll enjoy Good Economics for Hard Times and The Ride of a Lifetime, two money-related books just in time for some summer reading.

Writing matters in remote work.

Writing forces people to think clearly. I’m sure this question has confronted you at least once when drafting a presentation: “What is it that I actually want to say?”

Jeff Geerling gave away his books for free, and his sales increased 400%.

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