Read The Weekly Summary - Issue 25.2 - Entrepreneurship Edition

The Weekly Summary - Issue 25.2 - Entrepreneurship Edition

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 29 Sep 2020

Issue 25.2 / September 29, 2020


Sell an idea, not a product.

Invest in Twitter advertising by putting yourself out there with promoted content.

The top 20 courses of the year have been unlocked by LinkedIn. Everyone has access to the most in-demand content for free until October 1, including this course on personal branding.

Getting started with a YouTube Channel.

Find thousands of keywords for your blog or site with the free SEO tool Ubersuggest.

Start a business online because it’s very low cost.

Start a company to learn all these things. Here are some business ideas.

Building a company of one.

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I'm a student of personal finance, investing, cryptocurrency, NFTs, & blockchain. I try to learn in public on The Weekly Summary. I'm also a foodie that loves fitness.

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