The Weekly Summary - Issue 23.0
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The Weekly Summary - Issue 23.0

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 13 Sep 2020

Issue 23.0 / September 13, 2020


We can never learn enough from the Oracle of Omaha on the magic of compounding. Here’s a quote from Alice Schroeder's book The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life explaining his early conceptual understanding of compounding as a boy; “He could picture the numbers compounding as vividly as the way a snowball grew when he rolled it across the lawn.”

Investing cash back credit card rewards.

Explore market sentiment and market cycles by studying the Templeton Curve.

Shopify’s impressive growth over the last decade.

This billionaire hedge fund manager thinks the stock market will end badly in the next few years.

Common sense lessons noob investors can review.

Trading psychology and thought-provoking perspective.

The correlation between SPX, Gold, and BTC continues.

My latest Stash Stock Party portfolio update.

Personal Finance

Current home loan trends summarized by generation.

Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth from 1758. This is Franklin's summary of his Poor Richard's Almanac.

Are you maximizing your employer's 401k plan?

A free platform to connect individuals who are unemployed due to Coronavirus with immediate employment resources and opportunities

The U.K. government is paying for restaurant meals up to $13 per person, three times a week.

This can't be emphasized enough. An emergency fund is important.


The Bitcoin white paper.

Some Bitcoin quotes.

A primer on Ethereum.

The former Georgian Prime Minister believes that blockchain is “the steam engine of Industry 4.0."

Three free Coinbase cryptocurrency offers.

A frictionless way to start gathering cryptocurrency, without purchasing it, is by downloading and using the Brave browser. With the Brave browser, you can accumulate Basic Attention Token (BAT). If you create an account with Uphold you can then move and store the BAT there. Your accumulated BAT from Brave can also be converted to gift cards.  With BAT, you can also tip your BAT from the Brave browser to content creators on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, or their website.


Nine years ago Marc Andreessen wrote that software will eat the world. So there is no denying what Naval recently surmised about the software presence within all companies

Consumption of quality content begets the creation of quality content.

Use Google Search Console to rank your blog for keywords.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

This podcaster has nine revenue streams. Talk about revenue diversification.

Common sense Twitter marketing.

Copywriting 101.

Be like Ryan Reynolds and practice digital judo.


Adapt like an octopus.

Find what’s not working and fix it with history.

A first-principles thinking curriculum built on the basic building blocks of knowledge.

The evolution of an idea. A strong collaborative process produced one of the most popular EDM songs of the last decade

Establish a writing workflow to build momentum. This professional freelancer has built a solid writing habit.

Knowledge work needs to be gauged.

Simple systems can sometimes be the most productive.

One day, course creators may become a university of one.


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