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Read The Weekly Summary - Cryptocurrency Edition [Issue 53.0]

The Weekly Summary - Cryptocurrency Edition [Issue 53.0]

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 18 Oct 2021

Issue 53.0 / October 18, 2021


What's the reason you're in cryptocurrency? Is it for the financial or banking revolution? Is it for the next generation of web technology? Are you in it as an investor? The freedom? Or is your why something totally different? Please comment below 👇 or over on for the reasons you're in crypto. Here's a short essay on my entry point into cryptocurrency.

Meet Anthony Pompliano. Like many of us Pompliano's spreading the good word about cryptocurrency and recently rolled out the welcoming mat to all the haters. He's also known as just Pomp. In my opinion, Pomp is one of the best thought leaders on Bitcoin. He has a YouTube channel, newsletter, and a podcast. But you may want to start by scrolling his Twitter feed to get some bite-sized BTC ideas, updates, and insights. I like how Pomp is such a great Bitcoin ambassador with all the BTC critics on Twitter.

It sounds like President Bukele has a soft spot for pets. Some of El Salvador's Bitcoin profits will be going toward a state of the art pet hospital. Watch a 3D rendered animation of the animal facility on Twitter:

I'll be honest with you. Tether scares me. Recently, USDT trended on Twitter in a very bad light. The news on the stablecoin obviously was not good. Bloomberg posted an investigative article on USDT regarding its $69 billion in reserves. A fellow Noiser shared a video that was created four months ago really exposing all the danger signs with Tether. Is USDT disguised as digital fiat currency?

What an absolute nightmare for a married couple who lost 21 Bitcoin to hackers from their Coinbase account. How the nightmare unfolded: "In the Richardsons’ case, Erick said it took only about 20 minutes for the fraudsters to withdraw 21 Bitcoin in 110 different transactions." Coinbase support needs to step up, especially with the amount of customers it has. According to a Backlinko article from April 2021, "Coinbase has 56 million registered users and processes a trading volume of $335 billion per quarter." Watch the 4 minute video on the hack.

Binance announced a $1 billion accelerator fund to upgrade the Binance Smart Chain to level up DeFi and promote innovation. "The investment and incubation program will focus on the multi-chain expansion of already blooming technology spheres, including metaverses, gaming, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence." I just wish as a US resident there were not so many regulations to join Binance.


It's happening. One of the largest banks in France is crossing over to DeFi and working with a DAO! Exciting times!

A couple of the reasons many will stay away from crypto for now because of those gas and cancel fees.

The official account is sharing an algorithm update for the BCH tipping platform. Bitcoin Cash tipping will be impacted if you Renoise too much. If you want to earn that BCH, it is highly recommended to post original content.

Cryptocurrency is money based on math. Here is a short thought piece by me with advice to study mathematics in a formal or an informal manner.

Did you hear about the Pipeflare's huge news recently? If you play the video games and visit Pipeflare daily for the crypto faucets, your going to love this big announcement about FLRs.

I was trolled on Noise and I think my advice on web3 and the Metaverse fell on deaf ears. The person never replied or thanked me for the time I put into their question. Glad I injected some sarcasm at the end of my post for good measure.

I'm telling you, web3 will be bigger than web1 and web2 combined.


🔔 New Coinbase Earn - Free $3🔔

The NKN (New Kind of Network) token may be available to you. I provide the quiz answers for this CE opportunity over here. The third quiz question mentions the concept of cellular automata, which is covered in the book 'A New Kind of Science' by NKN advisor, Stephen Wolfram. So obviously, this book has been added to my read list. Wolfram is also behind Wolfram Alpha, a site dedicated to computational thinking and intelligence that has fascinated me for over 10 years.

I keep baking away on Cake DeFi. I received $30 of DFI upon sign-up that was frozen for six months earning a base of 63.3% APY along with a 5.73% bonus APY. In a few short weeks, that sign-up bonus is up to $32.62. I love it when free money compounds free money.

The CryptoTab browser, like Brave, is also based on Google's Chromium. It allows you to mine Bitcoin while you surf.


Guess who threw their hat into the NFT platform space last week? Why Coinbase, of course. What took them so long? If you want to join the Coinbase NFT waitlist, please use my link.

I read a great quote recently that overlapped crypto, personal finance, and a digital lifestyle by Yam Karkai, the NFT artist behind the World of Women (WoW) project. I love what she said here, "NFTs gave me a sense of security and economic stability I never felt before." I've met many people on Publish0x and that are doing just that with cryptocurrency and NFTs, securing their futures for long-term financial independence. Listen to Karkai being interviewed, that podcast is here:

A Kanye West Mural NFT is about six miles from where I live in Chicago. The painting is listed as an NFT on the Avalanche blockchain and is selling on


Are you a musician? Do you want to mint your music 🎵 as NFTs? I found the best guide on how to mint music NFTs. The article has a powerful financial reason on why musicians want to mint their songs by Freddy Got Magic; “Independent artists can make label money by themselves in the NFT space, essentially removing the risk of being undervalued/cheated/reliant on/by corporate entities.” Rock on 🎸 and Renoise this!

Axie Infinity has turned into a gaming empire with a market cap of almost $30 billion. Learn more about the booming Axie Infinity economy.

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