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Stash Portfolio Update and Reminder - August 18, 2021๐ŸŽ‰

By tvlachak | The Weekly Summary | 18 Aug 2021

๐ŸŽˆStash Stock Party Today

Today is the usual day when Stash gives away a free fractional share of a company at their weekly Stash Stock Party.

If you're a fellow Stasherย join the party later at 8 p.m. EDT to receive a free piece of Bed Bath & Beyond also known as stock symbol BBBY on the NASDAQ. The Stash Stock Party usually lasts for one hour and typically over 100,000 people attend to claim this free drop from Stash.

How do you get this free piece of stock from Stash?

Before the party begins,ย log in with your Stash credentials at the URL below and then smash the claim buttonย for some free stock:

The more Stashers participating the better because it pumps the pot and boosts the PARTY POWER. Which meansย more stock for each person!

Once the party is over, within a few hours Stashย shouldย send you an email confirmation of your bonus stock. If not, check the Recent Activity section of your Stash account.

My Weekly Stash Stock Party Portfolio Update

Here'sย my spreadsheet tracking all of the free stocksย I've claimed since March 9, 2020.ย View column Jย of the spreadsheet to see a stock's return from each party I've attended.

According to myย Stash Stock Party spreadsheet,ย I've received $57.17 of free stock from Stash.

My total return of 31.06%ย brings the current total amount of myย Stash Stock Party portfolioย to $74.93.

Stash has been surprising members with a couple of more random Stash Stock Parties throughout the week. So Stashers have been averaging about three parties a week!

For those of you that are crypto enthusiasts, think of these Stash Stock Parties like stocks crossed with a small airdrop or big weekly faucet.

Please note, the Stash Stock Parties are only available to investors in the United States.

If you're not a Stash member, please consider using my affiliate link. If youย join Stash through my link, you'll get a $20 sign-up bonus stock.

Get $20 from Stash

To be eligible to receive a Stash Stock Party Stock Reward you must have a Stash personal investment account in good standing with a valid email address.

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