Patreon's New Global Policy
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Patreon's New Global Policy

By kreezxil | The Watchman on the Wall | 17 Jan 2020

Taken from an email sent to me by them:

As part of our ongoing commitment to privacy and to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), we are updating our Privacy Policy. We are also taking this opportunity to update our Terms of Use and Benefit Guidelines. You can review the new terms by clicking through each link. We recommend reading through the policies for yourself, but here’s a summary:
  • We believe that regardless of the laws in your particular location, all of our creators and patrons deserve the same levels of privacy protection, so we have a global privacy policy. This means that changes to privacy laws in one location will benefit everyone. We already have an in-depth Privacy Center that allows you to explore the data we collect generally, as well as to download and delete your data.
  • We have updated our Terms of Use and added a link to our Sanctions Policy to provide more details on the legal obligations we must follow that determine who we can do business with.
  • We have updated the Terms of Use to clarify the dispute resolution process and the legal rights of patrons when a creator they support is removed for violating our guidelines.
  • We have updated the Benefits Guidelines to better reflect internal policies.
As with any change at Patreon, we have a creator focused process. To learn more about how Patreon approaches things like community guidelines, the Patreon blog provides some great information that helps creators to understand our process. Best, The Patreon Team

My Thoughts

First welcome to the future!

At half a century I can tell you from experience it did not get better. Idealistically in my late teens most of my 20's I thought that it would. But it didn't. Countries have gone to war. Once very free countries like Iran oppressed its people with a rogue religious sect. Other free countries got involved in deep state tactics and oppressed their people under the guise of freedom of choice.

And now here we are ...

Companies have no recourse in regards to a state, province, or city that makes rules that are enforced above the country or region in which it resides except to capitulate. In order to capitulate effectively they must look at all the restrictions and freedoms from every single entity instead of just the countries involved and find the subset of freedoms that are still existent in all of them that are simultaneously shared and make that their new policy. The restrictions which are many are then sold to us as protections.

Like the Hijab and the Burka protect the women wearing them from unwarranted beatings by their husbands. Where is are the fab four of the USA when it comes to things like this? Or the health reform that if you can't afford to buy it you are taxed $1000's of dollars with compounding fees if you can not.

Thankfully in America we got a President who realized what you can do with executive orders. Thanks to Obama for showing him how to circumvent a stalled congress. 

Because of executive orders the abusive health reform is no longer an illegal tax imposed upon its people to cause further economic subjugation to those who could not afford it, or did not even need it. But what if Hillary had won the 2016 race as Pelosi and Schumer wanted? Would we the Americans, the once proud people of the USA have been reduced to common gravel to be trod upon by the rest of the world? Is it of any great benefit that equality means all should be equally poor with no one having the chance to get ahead except for the elite few needed to govern? Can you trust leaders who appears drunk most of the time?

The governments of the world shouldn't have to bend down to rogue states. In this case California.

The horn has been sounded, I've seen the enemy and I have alerted the people.



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The Watchman on the Wall
The Watchman on the Wall

From time to time, I perceive evil coming to the gates of humanity. Here I blow the shofar so that you may here my warning.

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