CryptoTabBrowser In my honest opinion:

CryptoTabBrowser In my honest opinion:

By Vic1030 | In My Opinion | 4 Nov 2020

In all honesty im new here and just want to grow organically with my approach to crypto 

Follow me if you like what i bring to the table ...thanks a bunch. is my referral link for crypto tab browser. join my mining pool and be rewarded for doing so



Hello Everyone,

For my very first entry i am going to talk to you about a very interesting browser that i've taken the liberty to utilize. CryptoTabBrowser. 

Being a relatively new fish in the ocean of Cryptocurrency, i've spent my first few months really exploring what the space has to offer

As I truely began to explore the depths, my knowledge felt light in comparison of the titanic-sized capacity of everything  entailed



Proof Of Work.....

Proof Of Stake.....



Locked Liquidity.....


CEX..... WHAT ??????


In the Beginning all i Knew was Bitcoin... 

so I looked at everything Bitcoin related.... now what

*google searched bitcoin mining*


A Bunch of weird looking boxes appeared in the images......

"this is getting complicated"- is exactly what I thought to myself

"getting wayyy over my head....."


Fast forward a yr later and everythings really 2nd nature to me....even did a bit of BTC mining myself....

Knowing how hard it was for me to understand everything initially,  i know the apparent wall that exists for your average joe 

Looking Into cryptocurrency, much less mining their own BTC


In My Opinion:

This mobile/desktop/tablet application is fantastic. Period.

How It Works

simply put, download the app on either mobile/desktop/tablet

surf the internet (you can sync all of your chrome browser history as its pretty much a mirror of google chrome so people wont even notice it)

and passively Mine BTC

.....wait ...thats it....i dont need special equipment or anything.....NOT AT ALL

You can hook up up to 5 devices per account to passively mine btc  


Outside of this amazing ability this application also allows for boosts of your inital Hashrate from all devices synced to your account

The best part about this is that the Mobile version(depending on the number of devices you plan on using)  you can increase your Hashrate by a total of 10x. PERMANENTLY(cloud boosts available)

The More devices you have running the less the cost.....

And the cost (for the mobile pro version) for these boosts are a ONE TIME COST

so if you are getting 1000 hashes a can boost it to 10k hashes a second in 3 hr bursts for the duration of the time u have the application on your phone....

if you already have a good tower already....utilize every bit of that chip power for  great hashrates


The Referral Program

my personal link

A 10 level system that grows your earnings as you grow....this in itself drives the machine to new heights....for every active miner in your pool you gain a percentage in addition of what they bonus....the growth in this is amazing.... 

in other words..... everyone eats at the table...period....


All in all I cant see nothing but great things with this browser....

it functions as essentially a google chrome clone. and just by using it you are passive earning one of the fastest growing stores of value available today...



i hope that this sheds a little light on a gem of a browser that has replaced brave browser on everything i have.

be sure to show some love my way *tips are appreciated*

-Much love ,Much Crypto













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