Is Dingocoin Just another Joke?

By BordBorg | THE UNKNOWN MONEY | 31 Dec 2021


April 1, 2021...

Forked from DOGE, a Wild Canine emerges from Australia... 

Through the thickness of other mass quantity coins, It howled at the moon.

A mining coin with it's own blockchain.

Alone, it's first community was a lonely Discord server.

One by one they came and accepted the channel invite to meet this new Crypto Dog...

They started mining,


and a slowly building a community-driven dev team.

Just like all others it is:

Focused on building itself as the awesome ultimate currency, with absolutely no unnecessary bullshit features.....

Looking to continue moving upward to break into even larger crypto exchanges.

It is currently listed on 16 pairings over 5 exchanges.

Wrapped for BSC and SOL.

This Dingo can go places...

Lives off Supply and demand.. 

It is Minable! Not Mintable! 

Buy, trade or hit the faucet for some Dingos on SouthExhange 

or swap it with some Pancakes!

Exchangeable in a few other places, this doggie can be yours!

Just check with the main DINGOCOIN site to see which exchange is best for you

You can follow the blocks like all other crypto.

Dingocoin is Written in Java, C, and C++

GitHub shows the DEV team is still working hard to Update this Doggie for all.

There is talk about Dingos...

Discord is where the chatter began..

Reddit posts are active as to what, when, and where....

BitcoinTalk  only showing a few posts back in the Spring of 2021 and a snippet in early Dec 2021.

Thru the chatter about this Mutt,

They all are enthusiastic that it will grow in value and the demand will rise.

Many have hopes to get this dingo to roam free in the metaverse! And only time will tell.

the all time low from JUNE2021

$0.000000100217 - So it is UP 10432.8% since then, per the Gecko

Now with the Crypto.com ticker courtesy of PublishOx, 

It is Not showing very promising- BUT... This Doggie isn't fully grown yet.


Though it may seen as just another blip in the world of crypto that will fade,

It has the potential like all others

and this doggie needs some love!

HODL on CryptoPeeps!


Thank you for reading my quick snippet!






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SciFi, WiFi, and DeFi.... Oh my..


How so many still do not understand that crypto IS money..

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