To Much Truth by The Turtle Project

By turtle | The Turtle Project | 14 Aug 2019


This is from "Parallel"

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Is this what it’s come to ? 
We live in fear, we don’t know which way to run to 
We can’t even seem to make up our minds 
There’s just uncertainty to the solutions we try to find 
Help me out here, maybe I’ve got it wrong 
But I was under the impression that we were strong 
Now everybody seems to be on their hands and knees 
Hoping the solution blows over on the next breeze 

I feel I must be honest with you, I’ve never been one to watch the news 
I’ve always thought it was to much truth to handle 
But don’t mistake it for ignorance, that couldn’t be further from the truth 
It just affects me in ways I can’t explain 

‘Cause I open my eyes at the first sign of dawn 
And all that strikes me is pandemonium 
As soon as I switch on my TV screen 
I couldn’t be further away from those pleasant dreams 
I’m starting to worry what the future has in store 
And the worst thing about it is I’m not the only one 
This kingdom is united once more 
United with the perception that we’re all unsure 

I feel I must be honest with you, I’ve never been one to watch the news 
I’ve always felt it was to much truth to handle 
And I feel the guilt of losing touch but 
It affects me way too much, to the point that I have to escape 

So I hope that our dreams of peace will be realised 
As I switch off the TV screen and wipe my eyes 
And it’s still early morning but I’ve heard enough for today 
So now take it all away from my fragile brain

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More about The Turtle Project

`The Turtle Project` started out as exactly that, a project, a songwriting project that was born from years of being a musician in many bands, doing countless gigs, naturally gathering experience and inspiration until, one day, I stumbled upon the fact that I could actually put those experiences and many others into words. The composing aspect grew from that into what it is today ...

My way of life .

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I am a solo musician, singer/songwriter

The Turtle Project
The Turtle Project


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